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Dah November 24, 2010

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Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That is the sound you started making last night. Dah. Over and over and over. Almost a song. While you’re not saying it to anything or anyone, your dad is a little on the smug side. I can’t blame him. If your first consistent sound was Mah, I’d be doing a dance. As it is, I’m still so excited to hear you talking, finding sounds, recognizing language, whether you realize it or not.

Tomorrow is your first Thanksgiving. You have so many firsts; every single day is a first. But for our family, Thanksgiving is a big one. Your first holiday of extended families, of out of town guests. Of giving thanks. And I do, give thanks, for you. For Dah.  So much thanks.


At Least It’s Not Guacamole November 22, 2010

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My son hates avocado. This depresses me.

Prior to having kids, I had a lot of experience with kids- daycares, camps, babysitting, nannying. And the thing that drove me crazier than anything in the world is a picky eater. Obviously, I am NOT a picky eater. I will try just about anything once. I am a sucker for a good food blog. Last night for dinner I had Smitten Kitchen’s Balsamic Braised Brussels w/ Pancetta. That’s all. No meat, no main course. Just brussel sprouts that took the good part of an hour to prepare. So before I was even married I knew, KNEW, that I would raise a child that was an adventurous eaters. I’m all about kids eating what their parents do, I’m not a short order cook, and I do not believe that nuggets and mac n cheese is an appropriate meal to eat 12 times a week. Just, no.

So when I discovered that Avocado was listed as a fruit appropriate for my little 5month old eater, I was so excited! Avocado! It’s green! It’s “exotic”! My picky friends won’t eat guacamole if you paid them, so therefore MY child will LOVE avocado! Yeah, no. I mean, he ate it. I mashed it up and served it along side some white rice cereal, his least favorite of the cereals. Yet, he preferred the rice to the avocado, big time. And then he spent the rest of the day bringing that avocado back up. 1 hour later. 3 hours later. 7 HOURS  LATER.

I’m hoping that maybe there was something wrong with my avocado. It was VERY ripe. A few brown spots, that I cut off, but still… And I didn’t put it through the food processor, but rather mashed it up as best I could with a fork. Either way, we’ll be holding off on eating avocado again for awhile. And I will have to wait to initiate my bragging about my kid, the foodie.  Bummer.


Spread a Little Christmas Cheer November 18, 2010

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One hallmark, in my mind, of being a grown up is sending a holiday card. Hearing that phrase “holiday card” pulls up a memory of a Friends episode where Chandler, recently married to Monica, asks her if they should send out a holiday card together that year and her reply is, “Umm, I don’t know if we’re ‘there’ yet?” The implication here is that sending a holiday card is a Big Deal. In our family, those things are saved from year to year and are prominently displayed for all your friends and family to see. Although my husband and I have been married 3 years now, last year was our first holiday card. I figured, since I was pregnant, it was pretty serious 😉

This year I’m so excited to send out our cards because Goober is getting cuter by the day and, as most parents can relate, I want to show him off to everyone we know. Nowadays there are so many websites and stores printing holiday cards, it’s a little overwhelming. Every other day I get some email from some website offering this deal and that deal. I can’t vouch for most of these places, but I can for Shutterfly. I first discovered them when I got an email years back offering me a free 8×8 photobook. I had heard of them, so I figured it wasn’t a scam. We had recently returned from our honeymoon and I thought that would a fun gift for my husband, a showcase of all our pictures. I’m notorious for not printing our digital photos, so this would ensure tangible proof of our trip. The book was so awesome that I ended up making and purchasing several other photobooks for family members that Christmas. It’s still one of my favorite go-to gifts.

When I got pregnant, I wanted to find a way to keep all of our family updated on my pregnancy, and eventually on Goober. A friend of mine introduced me to Shutterfly’s share sites– a website you create that they host where you can post pictures, videos, and blog entries. I can password protect it and only give it to those I want to see all our details. It’s great because I will upload my pictures to my Shutterfly account once while using them over and over- post it on the websites, print pictures, make photobooks, and, this year, create a holiday card.

I was already browsing Shutterfly’s holiday cards, getting ideas, when I read one of my favorite blogs, “Confessions of a Young Married Couple” and she posted that Shutterfly was offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers who wanted to do a post on their holiday card selection. As a Shutterfly fan, I was ALL ABOUT THAT. If it were some website I didn’t love or know, I wouldn’t write a post no matter what they offer. But if I love it, I’m happy to talk about it, and if you want to give me free stuff for doing so, even better!

This will be my first holiday card from Shutterfly. Last year I went with Walmart because I waited until the last minute and I needed to print and pick them up the same day. They were…ehh, okay. Not fabulous. So I’m very excited to be ON IT this year, and it’s only NOVEMBER. Go me. Here are a few styles that I like:

I like this one for a few reasons. I think it’s inclusive for our non Christmas celebrating friends. It holds up to 4 photos for maximum baby showing off. It’s only $0.32/card, which is great for our budget. I have way more than 50 cards to send out, so this might be where the rest come from.

This card catches my eye because of the words “joy and magic”. I’m hoping that Christmas with my own little one will really encompass those two words.

This is another great choice for us! It has a line from one of my favorite Christmas songs. It has 5, count them FIVE, photos so we can have several of Goober, one of us as a family and maybe one of the dog. I also like the initial on the top right, I think that’s cute.

Ugh, there are too many choices. But that’s probably the best problem

to have and, using Shutterfly, probably the only problem I’ll have. Happy shopping everyone!!


I Rise, You Shine November 17, 2010

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Right now sleeping is not going great. We’ve done a good job at making you a really good going-to-sleep baby. Around 7 every night, we start our routine of bath, pjs, nursing, book(s), and then bed, while still awake. I lay you down, put your paci in, kiss your head, say “night night buddy”, and leave. Sometimes you chatter, sometimes you play, but 5-6 out of the 7 nights of the week you go to sleep with little to no fuss. Amen, thank you Jesus.

You are not a natural sleeper. It took some molding to get us to this point. And I am proud to say that I feel like I did a good job of shaping a routine that encourages you to put yourself to sleep. However. What you are not, at this point, is a good stay-asleep baby. And that is because I am a TERRIBLE middle-of-the-night mom. This was not a problem when you were first born. It was encouraged that you ate every 2-3 hours. So when you woke up every 2-3 hours, I was perfectly okay giving you some boob and you’d eat and drift back to sleep and I would do the same. At 5 mos old though, you do not need to eat every 2-3 hours overnight. You eat cereal and fruits and nurse for a long time prior to bed. Yet you still wake up 2,3, 4 times a night. And I let you. I give in. I’m so tired, so EXHAUSTED that I do not want to put forth the time and effort required to get you back to sleep without feeding. It’s SO easy to nurse you for 5 min, till you nod off and then go back to bed. Or, if it’s close enough to morning, bring you back in bed with me and pass out before you’re even done eating.

So it goes on, your little midnight parties. And I go on, like a zombie. I sleep through alarms, I’m late to work, I skip breakfast, I consume WAY too much caffeine for a breastfeeding mother.

You, on the other hand, are a morning person through and through. You don’t like hanging out in your crib too much, but you just give a little holler and we come running. More often than not your dad and I will go in together because it’s just so awesome. You look up from your crib, grinning from ear to ear, eyes all lit up. If you had a thought bubble over your head, I’m pretty sure it would read, “It’s you again! I missed you! I’m so glad to see you!!” For you, in the morning, everything is great. Diaper change! New clothes! Play on the floor! Food! Nothing is dull or frustrating. Everything is giggle worthy.

Sooner, rather than later, I’m going to have to crack down and sleep train you. It won’t be pretty. I’m sure I will only be more haggard the next day. But you, I’m pretty sure you will maintain your morning cheer. And that is more sustaining than any amount of coffee.


Plank to Downward Dog November 16, 2010

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Over the weekend, our Goober learned a new trick. At just over 5 months, this kid loves to be on his belly. He can roll over both ways, but he never rolls to his back, he’s just not interested. He also has no interest in learning to sit up, no matter how often we practice. Not into it, give it up Mom! All that time on his belly is paying off though. He’s started moving. Sort of.

He’s always had good head control, so once he gets on his belly, he’ll push his arms up straight, so he’s looking forward. He flexes his feet and pushes his tush into the air, into the yoga position of downward dog. Then he will push his feet backwards into Plank position, or for the non-yogis, a Push-Up. He finishes his routine by laying his body back on the floor, now 3-5 inches behind his starting position.  The whole process takes only a few seconds and to see him do it multiple times in a row is fairly hilarious. Like his own slow motion version of The Worm, only moving backwards.

Pretty soon he’ll be doing everything and getting into everything and it’ll probably drive me crazy. I want to remember this, this in-between little trick. He’s not quite mobile, but he’s no longer a bump on a log. It’s such an awesome time!


Just like what?? November 15, 2010

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Goo’ ber:

n. 1. A peanut.

n. 2. A chocolate covered peanut confection enjoyed by moviegoers everywhere

n. 3. An alternate nickname for my son.

5 months ago I had a little boy and it was good. Great even. Through the sleep deprivation, I saw right away that we created something so wonderful, it now was a little more clear why those Duggars keep having children. Sleep deprivation makes you think crazy things, btw. Still, I love that little guy more than I could describe. Everything I knew about love prior to his arrival now seems…I don’t know, lacking somehow. Like the word “love” as I’ve always known it is a pitiful description for the overwhelming force behind what I feel for this little lump. We need more words. If those indigenous folks up north can have 8 different words for snow, we need more than just ‘love’.

Anyway, so my Goober and I got to spend his first 10 weeks of life together, 24/7, save an occasional sanity trip to dinner with my husband while one of our many parents fought over who got to watch him. According to my stepmom, an hour at Panera does not a date night make, and she will CUT you if you try to short her her time with her grandson. Seriously.

More anyways, 10 weeks post partum, I returned to my job. A job that I like with people I like doing work that is boring but pays the bills. I always knew I would return to work. Considering my husband and I have done very little worthy of our student loans, my return was a given unless we want to exchange our house in suburbia for a rented trailer in the sticks. So off to work I went.

So for 5 days a week, I get to see my Goober for about 25 minutes in the morning, from the time he wakes up until I take him to the sitter, and for 2.5 hours each night before he goes to bed. And the other 2 days a week, we return to our glorious 24/7 enjoyment of each other’s company, minus the chores, cooking, cleaning, bill paying, laundry doing, shopping, and other various tasks that a full time working family must cram into their weekend.

That brings me here. At work. Trying to find some energy or inspiration to drag me through until 4:30, when I get to leave this desk, get in my car, shake my fist at the crazies that roam the highway, and make my way to my little guy. My Goober. My little piece of sunshine. And that is where you come in. “YOU” being this imaginary space where I have decided to turn to create myself a little boost of energy. Little stories, anecdotes, and instances I will document so that during my 2:30 slump, I don’t feel compelled to turn to some overpriced cancer causing energy drink. I can come here and remind myself that life isn’t good. It’s fucking fantastic.