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Plank to Downward Dog November 16, 2010

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Over the weekend, our Goober learned a new trick. At just over 5 months, this kid loves to be on his belly. He can roll over both ways, but he never rolls to his back, he’s just not interested. He also has no interest in learning to sit up, no matter how often we practice. Not into it, give it up Mom! All that time on his belly is paying off though. He’s started moving. Sort of.

He’s always had good head control, so once he gets on his belly, he’ll push his arms up straight, so he’s looking forward. He flexes his feet and pushes his tush into the air, into the yoga position of downward dog. Then he will push his feet backwards into Plank position, or for the non-yogis, a Push-Up. He finishes his routine by laying his body back on the floor, now 3-5 inches behind his starting position.  The whole process takes only a few seconds and to see him do it multiple times in a row is fairly hilarious. Like his own slow motion version of The Worm, only moving backwards.

Pretty soon he’ll be doing everything and getting into everything and it’ll probably drive me crazy. I want to remember this, this in-between little trick. He’s not quite mobile, but he’s no longer a bump on a log. It’s such an awesome time!


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