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At Least It’s Not Guacamole November 22, 2010

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My son hates avocado. This depresses me.

Prior to having kids, I had a lot of experience with kids- daycares, camps, babysitting, nannying. And the thing that drove me crazier than anything in the world is a picky eater. Obviously, I am NOT a picky eater. I will try just about anything once. I am a sucker for a good food blog. Last night for dinner I had Smitten Kitchen’s Balsamic Braised Brussels w/ Pancetta. That’s all. No meat, no main course. Just brussel sprouts that took the good part of an hour to prepare. So before I was even married I knew, KNEW, that I would raise a child that was an adventurous eaters. I’m all about kids eating what their parents do, I’m not a short order cook, and I do not believe that nuggets and mac n cheese is an appropriate meal to eat 12 times a week. Just, no.

So when I discovered that Avocado was listed as a fruit appropriate for my little 5month old eater, I was so excited! Avocado! It’s green! It’s “exotic”! My picky friends won’t eat guacamole if you paid them, so therefore MY child will LOVE avocado! Yeah, no. I mean, he ate it. I mashed it up and served it along side some white rice cereal, his least favorite of the cereals. Yet, he preferred the rice to the avocado, big time. And then he spent the rest of the day bringing that avocado back up. 1 hour later. 3 hours later. 7 HOURS  LATER.

I’m hoping that maybe there was something wrong with my avocado. It was VERY ripe. A few brown spots, that I cut off, but still… And I didn’t put it through the food processor, but rather mashed it up as best I could with a fork. Either way, we’ll be holding off on eating avocado again for awhile. And I will have to wait to initiate my bragging about my kid, the foodie.  Bummer.


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