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6 months December 9, 2010

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Today you are 6 months old. 1-2-3-4-5-6 months of you. Half a year. 2 trimesters.

I can’t believe how time is flying. Everyday I question it- “You’re how old? It’s been how long since I gave birth?? No. Can’t be. Seriously, let’s count the months since June… Damn!” You’re so big, it’s simply incredible to look at you. The leaps and bounds you’ve made since you were born, since they first pulled you out of my body (OUT OF MY BODY!) and *SNAP* like that you were there, another person in this world, are overwhelming. At first it was little things- opening your eyes, nursing for the first time, grasping our fingers, yawning, gas smiles. Then things got a little bigger- your first bottle, focusing on our faces, first big bath and subsequent splashing, seeing the fan on the ceiling, smiling for real. And bigger- laughing, rolling over, recognizing my voice and the way you light up, recognizing a grandparent, learning to turn your head away from the dog’s tongue. Now you’re constantly rolling, almost sitting unassisted, almost crawling, eating cereals, fruits, veggies, drinking water from a sippy cup, grabbing at other peoples plates and forks, putting in your own pacifier, grabbing my face, my hair, growing your own hair, seeing a toy you want and going after it. It’s almost too much. Too good, too exciting, too too too much. Every single day, I sit in wonder of you. In awe. In amazement. In confusion of the time; 6 months. Simultaneously it feels like I’ve known you forever and also that you just got here yesterday. Your personality is starting to show, yet not really, not enough to really know you, to guess at who you’ll be.

6 months. Half a year.


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