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The A.U.G. and Me April 28, 2011

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Last night I got home a little later than usual, went to the store and whatnot, so the hubby picked up Goober. When I walked in the door, he crawled over with his look that said “Pick me up!!” Of course I obliged, but that seemed to trigger some sort of portkey that transported my baby somewhere else and left me with Alternate Universe Goober. Alternate Universe Goober, here known as AUG, is not my baby. AUG is cranky. AUG is crabby. AUG whines. AUG is clingy. AUG cries. A lot. I was very dismayed to see Alternate Universe Goober, but so to comply with Alternate Universe Baby Rules, I continued to care for this creature in my usual manner, hoping that my sweet, good-natured Goober would return quickly. I fed little AUG and then proceeded to try to play with him. No good. AUG cried. He cried and cried and nothing I did would help. It appears that Teething was the cause that brought little AUG into our lives. I administered some infant ibuprofen, applied copious oragel, but still found no relief from the tears. Finally I resorted to an early bottle and bedtime. Little AUG spent close to thirty minutes crying off and on before falling asleep. I was hopeful that we would wake up to find our regular Goober, but AUG was there to greet us with wails at 11, 1, and 4. I was awakened to a hungry baby around 6:15. I got a few smiles after feeding him, so I thought, ” Hooray! My Goober is back!” I was wrong. The AUG showed his true colors quickly and the whiney, crying, clingy little boy returned to his evil ways. I’m hoping Goober is waiting for me at daycare when I get off work tonight. Goober, if you’re out there reading this, come home! We miss you!!


Up he goes April 27, 2011

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Up the slide that is. This kid has never climbed anything in his life, not the couch, not a chair, (THANK GOD) not his crib. Yesterday we go to the park, but because some other parent was hogging the only baby swing*, there wasn’t a whole lot for Goober to do. Luckily the playground was covered in that bouncy recycled tire material, so I was comfortable letting the Goob crawl around on the ground. I slid him down the slide a couple times and then let him crawl around and do his thing. This little boy crawls over to the slide, pulls himself to a stand, and proceeds to PULL HIMSELF ONTO THE SLIDE. And if that wasn’t enough, he then CRAWLED UP THE SLIDE. Like, to the TOP. Mind you, it was only about a 4 foot slide, but still! 10 months is apparently the Month of the Monkey. Go figure.

* If you are at a playground pushing your child on the only swing on the premises and there are 3 or 4 other similarly young aged children obviously waiting to use said swing, please be courteous enough to not use it for 30+ minutes. You would have thought my glare would have conveyed this information, but APPARENTLY it did not.


Mama April 26, 2011

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Ad nauseum.

Kiddo, I love you more than you will ever know (until you have kids at least), but Dude. Give. Me. A. BREAK. I know you love your Da, but seriously. WHO changes your diapers and sheets at 2am when you’ve peed through? WHO plays Monster and Getcha and chases you around the house? WHO packs your bags, does your laundry, makes your food? WHO sacrificed her body to bring you into this world and continues to do so to ensure you have a healthy immune system?? Is it too much to ask that you just SAY MY NAME???

Damn kids!


Baby’s first Easter April 25, 2011

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Easter eggs! Who knew a 10 month old would love to look for Easter eggs? But there you were, hunting down those colorful orbs, gleefully shaking them to listen for cheerios or puffs, holding them out to me to help you open them so you could gobble up your little snacks. You loved each and every Easter basket you received, zeroed in on it immediately and made a beeline to discover all your new little treats and toys. Dad and I gave you Pat The Bunny, and you dutifully sat on my lap as we patted the bunny with Judy and played peek-a-book with that other kid. My grandma, the one who is no longer here, loved Pat The Bunny and it was always a first Easter present. She would have loved you and it would have just tickled her to see you with that book.

Happy First Easter Goober


Ughhhhh April 21, 2011

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Teh sick. We haz it.

Send Pedialyte and vodka. Stat.

p.s.- the vodka isn’t for the Goober…in case you were concerned.


Almost April 18, 2011

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Almost walking

Almost talking

Almost eating all big foods

Almost okay when I leave you

Almost always going to bed nicely

Almost understanding

Almost 1 year old