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Baby’s first Easter April 25, 2011

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Easter eggs! Who knew a 10 month old would love to look for Easter eggs? But there you were, hunting down those colorful orbs, gleefully shaking them to listen for cheerios or puffs, holding them out to me to help you open them so you could gobble up your little snacks. You loved each and every Easter basket you received, zeroed in on it immediately and made a beeline to discover all your new little treats and toys. Dad and I gave you Pat The Bunny, and you dutifully sat on my lap as we patted the bunny with Judy and played peek-a-book with that other kid. My grandma, the one who is no longer here, loved Pat The Bunny and it was always a first Easter present. She would have loved you and it would have just tickled her to see you with that book.

Happy First Easter Goober


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