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Up he goes April 27, 2011

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Up the slide that is. This kid has never climbed anything in his life, not the couch, not a chair, (THANK GOD) not his crib. Yesterday we go to the park, but because some other parent was hogging the only baby swing*, there wasn’t a whole lot for Goober to do. Luckily the playground was covered in that bouncy recycled tire material, so I was comfortable letting the Goob crawl around on the ground. I slid him down the slide a couple times and then let him crawl around and do his thing. This little boy crawls over to the slide, pulls himself to a stand, and proceeds to PULL HIMSELF ONTO THE SLIDE. And if that wasn’t enough, he then CRAWLED UP THE SLIDE. Like, to the TOP. Mind you, it was only about a 4 foot slide, but still! 10 months is apparently the Month of the Monkey. Go figure.

* If you are at a playground pushing your child on the only swing on the premises and there are 3 or 4 other similarly young aged children obviously waiting to use said swing, please be courteous enough to not use it for 30+ minutes. You would have thought my glare would have conveyed this information, but APPARENTLY it did not.


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