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The A.U.G. and Me April 28, 2011

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Last night I got home a little later than usual, went to the store and whatnot, so the hubby picked up Goober. When I walked in the door, he crawled over with his look that said “Pick me up!!” Of course I obliged, but that seemed to trigger some sort of portkey that transported my baby somewhere else and left me with Alternate Universe Goober. Alternate Universe Goober, here known as AUG, is not my baby. AUG is cranky. AUG is crabby. AUG whines. AUG is clingy. AUG cries. A lot. I was very dismayed to see Alternate Universe Goober, but so to comply with Alternate Universe Baby Rules, I continued to care for this creature in my usual manner, hoping that my sweet, good-natured Goober would return quickly. I fed little AUG and then proceeded to try to play with him. No good. AUG cried. He cried and cried and nothing I did would help. It appears that Teething was the cause that brought little AUG into our lives. I administered some infant ibuprofen, applied copious oragel, but still found no relief from the tears. Finally I resorted to an early bottle and bedtime. Little AUG spent close to thirty minutes crying off and on before falling asleep. I was hopeful that we would wake up to find our regular Goober, but AUG was there to greet us with wails at 11, 1, and 4. I was awakened to a hungry baby around 6:15. I got a few smiles after feeding him, so I thought, ” Hooray! My Goober is back!” I was wrong. The AUG showed his true colors quickly and the whiney, crying, clingy little boy returned to his evil ways. I’m hoping Goober is waiting for me at daycare when I get off work tonight. Goober, if you’re out there reading this, come home! We miss you!!


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