Just Like Goober

A working suburban mom, a curious baby boy, and a whole lotta life

11 months May 10, 2011

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Last night we sat in the front yard and we watched you. Your dad, who doesn’t always know how to stop and appreciate our quirky little life, and I sat together and we watched you. You turned 11 months yesterday and you look every day of it. Your hair is filling in and getting long in back. It looks red in the sunlight. You stand with such confidence, even though you’re holding on to do it. You crawl through the grass and examine everything, each blade, weed, flower, and leaf. Your chubby pointer and thumb pinch together to pick up a flower. Only a week or two ago you needed your whole fist to grab it. “Not in your mouth,” we say, and you listen. You understand. Your hand moves away from your mouth and you bring the flower just in front of your eyes. You study it. “Flower. Flower. That’s a flower,” we say. You look at me and move your lips to try to mimic, but the words aren’t there. “Come here buddy,” your dad says. You look at him, a smirk crosses your face, but you don’t move. “Goober, come here,” he calls again. You sit, you think about it. You crawl over my legs and into his lap, and you laugh.
It’s incredible what can develop in only 11 months.


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