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A Post About Breastmilk (thought I’d warn you) May 17, 2011

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I always heard that breastfeeding was such a great thing, that it gives kids SO MANY more antibodies, helps them fight disease and pestilence and all that stuff. I nursed exclusively for the first 8 months of Goober’s life, until the thought of pumping one more bottle made me want to throw up. Since then, we maintained two nursings a day, until about a week ago when we dropped to just one, in the morning. (If I can avoid the whole measuring and mixing formula at the crack of dawn, I will. Being able to pass back out for an extra 10 minutes while he eats is PURE GOLD.)
I love nursing and all of the bonding, yadda yadda yadda, but I’m calling BULLSHIT on the whole antibody argument.
I have the sickest kid I know, in the generic, non-life-threatening, blessed to be stuck with the endless cycle of colds and diarrhea, kind of way. All of that aside (thank you Lord for my healthy-in-all-the-important-ways child), it is really frustrating to have to pay at least one day a week for daycare that my son isn’t using because he has one of the following reoccurring ailments: Runny nose, diarrhea, mystery 100.1 degree fever, random cough that kinda sounds croupy but isn’t. Seriously, Breastmilk, WTF?? I appreciate you saving me $30 a week, but COME ON! Live up to your reputation for Pete’s sake. I did my part, I supplied you with a ridiculous amount of calories, I dutifully pumped 3x/day when I went back to work, I wore those annoying breast pads that never stay put and always fall out at extremely inconvenient moments. I will wear the stretchmarks and the saggyness for the rest of my days (or until I can afford a boob job), and in return all I ask for is that you supply my kid with a little immunity! Is that too much to ask??!!


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