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All Night Long May 19, 2011

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As in, that’s how long he slept last night! 8pm to 5am. To some (most) this is not enough sleep for an 11 month old, but when your child has been spending the past month plus (I cannot even remember how long it’s been, it’s been so long) (redundancy is a symptom of sleep deprivation. True story), you tend to get really excited when 5 a.m. is the first waking. Praise Jesus! Obviously typing that in this here blog, along with the Facebook status update, the phone calls and emails, will negate this development into a pleasant blip on the radar, a fluke. God I hope that’s not the case. I hope, I PRAY that those two teeth that finally came all the way through his obviously sensitive little gums have been the culprits of our sleeping hiatus. I hope, I PRAY that now that his mouth is feeling better, that sleep will magically return to our household as more than just a myth. Please oh please, Mr. Sandman, bring me some uninterrupted dusk to dawn SLEEP on multiple consecutive nights. PLEASE.


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