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Summer Summer Summertime August 4, 2011

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Whoa, what a busy summer we’re having! Is it just me, or does having a baby make everything go by in the blink of an eye?? Last summer seemed like it went fast, but it was mostly the hazy blur of having a newborn. When you sleep at weird intervals and have nocturnal tendencies, your perception of time is fairly distorted.

This summer, on the other hand, I have this little person to show around and show off. I get giddy at the idea of introducing Goober to the various highlights of summer in St. Louis. It’s a pretty great town for free events and excursions. We’ve met my mom on Thursday evenings for the Kirkwood Summer Concert series. When it’s not too sweaty, it’s so fun to bring Goober because he is a MUSIC ENTHUSIAST. Yes, all caps is definitely required there.  He dances and jams and sings along to whatever you play for him.

We’ve attended Wonder-Full Wednesdays at The Magic House, where families get in free from 5:30 to 9pm. This is perfect when you want to stay in the air conditioning, while still letting the little guys burn some energy. They have stuff for all ages, including a great area for the Under 2 crowd. He gets to climb up, crawl through, slide down equipment all built to his proportions. He’s get to play in a pretend house, jump in the ball pit, and interact with a slew of exhibits geared towards all his senses.

On the weekends we hit the local pool with the large kiddie pool that is only 12 inches deep, perfect for his height. I still have to follow him around to pick him up when he falls over (he does this a lot!), but he loves having the freedom to move on his own. In the big pool we have to either carry him or put him in his floaty. He likes it, but not nearly as much as he likes moving on his own. We’ve also been big fans of the sprinkler! We have a tiny plastic kiddie pool at home, but with the 20+ day heat wave we’ve had (95+ actual degrees!), the pool heats up too quickly and is too constricting for his taste. He likes the cold wave of the sprinkler going back and forth. He likes chasing it as it arcs the yard, running from it, and drinking from it. It’s a big hit!

Other excursions we done include weekend morning walks on Grant’s Trail, trips to Grant’s Farm, picking peaches at Eckert’s, and probably more that my heat fried little brain can’t recall at the moment. Oh, the Heat. The Heat is officially capitalized. It has earned the big H of a proper noun. The Heat has gone on with a fierceness that I cannot remember experiencing in my previous 28 years. Temperatures start in the upper 80s overnight and swell to a smack-you-in-the-face high  in the upper 90s to lower triple digits. Our precipitation in the last 3 weeks consists of a 20 minute thunderstorm last Saturday and we were all damn thankful to have it! Unfortunately it made no impact on the actual heat, but rather gave a nice push to the humidity. Lovely.

Heat be damned, this is still the most fun I’ve had in a summer. It’s been different than we expected. Right before the 4th of July, our sitter closed up shop to take a teaching internship, so we decided to give the whole Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) routine a shot. My husband was laid off in October- he watched Goober part-time for awhile after that, then got a temp job, so Goober went back to full time care. Some health issues for the Hubby led us to keep him in full time care after that job expired, but with this unexpected development and our financial woes pressing on us to make some cut backs, we decided he would try staying home and see how it went. So far it’s been pretty awesome. They go on field trips, they play at home, they visit Hubby’s mom, Grandma Pat, who is retired. My dad, Grandpa Jim, is also laid off and offered to take Goober on Mondays so that Hubby can do his job searching without Goober’s “help”. While we loved our last sitter, this was definitely a blessing in disguise: it prompted us to try the SAHD jig, it is saving us a ton of money, and both Hubby and my dad are getting a chance to bond with Goober. I also love having Hubby & Goober swing by and take me to lunch!

Anyone else having a great summer? Any ideas for more things to do before Fall gets here?


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