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Pretty Pictures August 5, 2011

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I’ve waxed on before about my love for Shutterfly.com.  My Christmas cards that I got from them last year got SO MANY compliments, it was unreal. I’ve been using them for years now and I constantly run into their products. Just the other day I got an invitation to my best friend’s son’s first birthday party that was utterly adorable. I wasn’t surprised when she told me she got the invitations from Shutterfly.

A few months ago I found out they have a blog, which I LOVE, because I can just plug the site into my Google Reader and I get regular updates about promotions, gift ideas, and other fun things to do with our bajillion photos of Goober. A couple weeks ago  the following popped up in my reader:

     “Shutterfly is celebrating the photo book by giving away 1,000 photo books to eligible bloggers! Bloggers and website owners, if you’re interested in a chance at a free photo book, please register.”

Basically, for the low low price of me telling you what I’ve loved about them for the last 5 years or so, they will send me a free photo book. How could I pass that up?? Considering I’m about 14 months behind on documenting my 14 month old child’s life on Earth, this is coming along at the perfect time. I’m hoping it will be the kick in the pants I need to organize those 2000+ photos sitting on my computer.

My most recent experience with Shutterfly started way back when I was still on maternity leave. I swore up and down that I was going to be PROACTIVE in regards to keeping up with pictures, keeping up with my baby book, and making sure to document every little drool or sneeze that my beautiful genius child produced. This included documenting my pregnancy and birth experience in some way that would allow me to show Goober, once he got a little older, how excited his parents were to meet him. I decided to do a photo book from Shutterfly. I loved that I could adjust the number of pictures on a page, and add descriptions to some, but not all of them. I included anecdotes about finding out we were pregnant, trips to the doctor, ultrasound photo and belly shots. I dedicated an entire page to a giant photo of Goober, fresh from the oven! I loved that Shutterfly puts a spot on the back cover for a small photo- I chose a photo of Hubby and I in the labor room, with the subtext “This baby brought to you by Merrsidotes & Hubby” So cute!! (I think I’m clever, obviously) Easy peasy, took me no time at all, no problem. I’m being PROACTIVE. Suuuuuure. I saved my photo book to show Hubby later, thoughtful wife I am decided I’d let him have an opinion before I placed my order. Postpartum Brain (similar to Pregnancy Brain, but actually worse) promptly kicked in and I totally forgot about it. Shutterfly, however, did not. When I finally got around to thinking about that book, almost a year later, I was thrilled to see that my efforts and quippy anecdotes were not lost. The lovely people at Shutterfly had saved it for me in my Saved Projects folder and all I had to do was place my order. Done and done! It ended up being a big hit at Goober’s first birthday party.


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