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South Carolina! August 11, 2011

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As in, where my little family will be vacationing at some point in September. The actual dates aren’t important, since you and I don’t know each other that well yet, and I’m a little suspicious of just giving you my itinerary. You might try to break into my house and steal my dirty dishes or the 5 year old t.v. that likes to turn itself off randomly. Just assume that at some point in September I will be gone for a week.

We’re heading to the Hilton Head area for wedding and staying with friends, unrelated to the wedding, who just happen to live in the same area. We’re very lucky that this all comes together, otherwise we would be unable to afford such a trip. This will be Hubby’s and my first vacation since our honeymoon, almost 4 years ago, and it will be Goober’s first vacation ever! We’re very excited to take him to the beach and see his reaction to the never ending sand, water, and waves. I can’t wait.

What I am less excited about, though, is the prospect of making the 14 hour trip by car. We’re breaking the drive up into one day of 9 hours, where we’ll stop in Atlanta to spend the night with family, and then a 4-5 hour drive to Hilton Head the next day. On the way home, we’ll reverse it, driving 4-5 hrs to Atlanta, then getting up early the next morning to finish the drive home. In case that hasn’t registered yet, I will be spending, combined, almost 30 HOURS in a CAR with a 15 MONTH OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, oh wise and wonderful internet, I am desperately seeking suggestions on how to make this time pass with as few migraines as possible. How do you entertain a 15 month old in a car for that long? He doesn’t really care about tv, and I don’t want to start that addiction quite yet, so we will not be bringing a portable dvd player. I’m open to just about anything else though. Please! Send me your stories, examples and suggestions. Also, if you have experience doing fun family junk near Hilton Head, send me that info too. Neither the Hubby or I have ventured to any part of the east coast before, so we would like to get as much out of this as possible. We’re considering excursions to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC… is this a good or bad idea? Should we just stay on the beach for 5 days or are there fun things to explore nearby that won’t make the toddler go berserk?


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