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The Power of Girlfriends August 12, 2011

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This time tomorrow, 4 of my best girlfriends and I will be lounging in the sun, floating down the river in what will hopefully become the first of many Annual Mom’s Weekend Float trips. Every last one of us has had a baby sometime in the last 18 months and every last one of us NEEDS this. No kids, no husbands, no diapers, no chores, no errands, NO NOTHING! Just sun and water and food and drinks (the adult kind!). There will be plenty of gossip and girl gab and a fair amount of bitching about our husbands (it’s natural). Also, did I mention no diapers? NO DIAPERS!

Of course we will miss our kiddos and our husbands.

How could I not miss these guys???

But there is something about spending time with just my girlfriends that just refreshes me. It’s like pressing a reset button on all my stress and anxiety. I get to take myself out of the roles of Wife and Mommy and return to my roots, to be the me that I was before I became the adult that I am now. I wouldn’t change one minute, one second of my very blessed life for anything in the world. However, to get to set all of that down, just for 24 hours, and just have fun, is very very cool.


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