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Chatterbox August 17, 2011

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Can we just talk about this language explosion for a minute? Holy moly! For some reason I don’t think I was expecting this for some time, like till he was at least two. But in the last week or so, it seems he learns multiple new words a day. Well, not so much as learns, but at least repeats. Whether or not he’s retaining this information remains to be seen. Just this weekend we were at the home of some family. They live farther out from the city in a more rural area. They own a sizable lot and have acquired several farm animals. When Goober saw the cows, he could hardly contain himself, he was so excited. He ran straight to the fence and pointed them out to me.

“That! That! That?”

“That’s a cow. Cows say mooo! Mooooo. Say hi to the cow.”

“Moo? Moo! MOOO!”

For the next 20 minutes or more, Goober just paced that fence, mooing at those cows. It was hilarious! Most of all, though, it was so cool to see how quickly he picked up the word ‘moo’. On Monday, as usual, he spent the day with my dad. He and my stepmom took Goober to the zoo. As soon as he saw a goat, he said “Goat!”, even before my dad or stepmom said anything. The only thing we can figure out is that when Hubby took Goober to Purina Farms last week, he remembered “goat”. If this is the case, I’m thoroughly impressed. In the same day, he started calling my dad PaPa. And just tonight, after I exclaimed “COOL!” in the car, Goober shouted “Coo!” over and over again. Yes, yes you are totally cool, Goober.

I’m curious, is this a fluke, or is this word pickup typical for his age? Do they go through spurts or is his vocabulary just going to expand exponentially from here on out? At this rate, I’m afraid he’s going to pass me up before he’s three!

Watch out Momma, I'm gonna be talking you into circles any day now!


One Response to “Chatterbox”

  1. Danilea Says:

    This is awesome! I do believe they say words in spurts like that and how cool (hehe) that he is already talking up a storm! He is just too cute!

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