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Monday Pinning August 22, 2011

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Once again it’s Monday, once again I’m too drained to use my brain. For todays Pins, I decided to just take my five most recent pins and showcase them. Here we go!

I love this. LOVE IT. I think this should be the official list of guiding principles for childhood. I want to take this and paint it across a playroom wall. Now I just need a playroom.

Photo courtesy of http://www.ohcrafts.net

How cute are these??? They’re all made from felt! I’m scheming to build Goober a play kitchen for Christmas and I think these would be the perfect compliment to that. Some would even fit in his stocking! Now to just find the time and motivation to put these plans into action…

This is a Snickerdoodle Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream. What more is there to say? I think my reason for pinning this is pretty obvious. Snickerdoodle? Of course. Cake? Obviously. Brown Sugar? The best kind of sugar in my opinion. Buttercream? Oh baby yes. Put them together, and you can just assume you’re going to have to pry this out of my cold dead hands. I have big plans for this guy. Next office birthday, watch out!

Photo courtesy of http://www.bhg.com

I love things that are smart. This is one of those things. I currently have a tupperware cabinet where I expect an avalanche every time I open it. Trying to keep the lids with their owners doesn’t work, I have too many containers and they need to be nested to fit. Enter the brilliant minds at Better Homes & Gardens. I’m betting I can find old CD organizers like this for nickels at garage sales. I can’t wait!

Image courtesy of http://imgfave.com

This little lovely was tagged to me by Cheryl. Knowing me since birth has given her some experience with my frequent falling, tripping, and stumbling. I like this little print because it takes the blame off of me and transfers it to inanimate objects. I’m for that.

So what are you loving this week?


Want to see what else I’m loving? Check out my Pinterest pins at http://pinterest.com/merrsidotes/.


One Response to “Monday Pinning”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I’m so happy you like my tag for you on Pinterest! An outing with you would not be complete without you tripping over something or falling on your arse 🙂 And for that, I love you!

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