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A Typical Day August 25, 2011

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Ginger from Ramble Ramble threw out a fun post challenge: Write about your typical day. Okay! Here is what my typical Wednesday has looked like lately

6:37- I hear Goober hollering from his crib

6:39- I decide he’s not going to miraculously return to sleep, so I actually get out of bed and head into the kitchen. I poor his vitamin supplement drink into a straw sippy, grab him out of his crib and take him into our bed so I can lay down while he slurps it down.

6: 44- Goober slides off the bed and he’s off and running. I follow behind him, shutting the bathroom door and the bedroom door so he doesn’t get into those while I’m half asleep and slow to keep up.

6:54- I shout at Hubby to wake up so I can take a quick shower.

6:55- Repeat shouting

6:56- Hubby stumbles into living room with his pillow to *watch* Goober. I try not to imagine what he might miss and I jump into the shower

6:59- Get dressed (I’m a quick shower!) (That included shaving under my arms too!) Today is Day 2 of my HabitHacker Nest series and my email tells me to do my do- aka wear something pretty and do your damn hair for once. I take this as twice worn capris and a ponytail won’t cut it, so I put together a skirt, ruffled tank, and calf high boots. I actually comb and mousse my hair into some wavy curls. Go me!

7:06- Brush my teeth and let Goober brush his (which he loves). Wrestle his toothbrush away from him after he runs through the house with it in his mouth.

7:09- Make my iced coffee. Throw a plum, two yogurts, and 5 cookies into my lunch bag. (I have other stuff I keep at work)

7:15- Kiss the boys good-bye and head to work

7:54- Arrive at my office. Work.

12:00- Make my lunch. I keep sandwich stuff at work so that I don’t “accidentally” forget to make lunch. It keeps me from sneaking off to eat out.

12:30- Resume working

4:30-Head to my car, drive home

5:10- Arrive home, kiss my boys, spend a few minutes catching up with Hubby and playing with Goober. Swap my cute skirt and boots for some kid friendly jeans and flip flops.

5:20- Start dinner. Rice in rice cooker, saute chicken, remove, saute veggies, throw together with stir fry sauce.

5:45- Dinner’s ready!

5:47- Drag dog outside for trying to eat off of Goober’s tray. Remind Goober that we don’t feed our dinner to the dog.

6:00- Clean up Goober, get him dressed to go to the Magic House. 9 times out of 10, I come home to find the boys hanging out in their boxers/diaper. Why do these boys always feel the need to be naked??

6:15- Head to Magic House to meet up with my mom, leave dishes to Hubby

6:30- Magic House play time!

7:25- Carry my overstimulated and exhausted toddler back to the car. Drive my mom back to her house. Drive home

8:02- Carry sleeping toddler into the house, try to soothe him as I change him into a nighttime diaper. Put him to bed.

8:05- Collapse Seethe over dirty dinner dishes on the counter. Make snide remarks about cleaning habits to Hubby, then do the damn dishes myself.

8:23- Polish my place

8:25- Finish load of diaper wash that Hubby started earlier in the day

8:27- Sit down with Hubby to check over bank account. We’re trying to force ourselves to talk every night about what we spent that day and look at the bank account together. We’re really trying to keep our finances in good shape and daily check-ins seem to help.

8:40- Resume reading library book I picked up last night

10:58- Reluctantly put down book. Brush teeth, take out contacts, wash face.

11:02- Sneak in and check on Goober. I do this every night, sometimes more than once. I love that little boy.

11:03- Lights out! Good-night 🙂


One Response to “A Typical Day”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I have a husband that has to be shouted at to wake up too. I swear he would sleep through WWIII.

    Thanks so much for playing along, I’m loving seeing all the variations on a day by everyone!

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