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Books books books August 31, 2011

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I mentioned before how I consider myself to be a Reader. I capitalized that because I like to create proper nouns. It’s a thing. Ever since I was very little, I’ve been obsessed with books. Mostly fiction- I love losing myself in a really great story. Growing up, I was never without a book. I’d bring them to school, put them in my purse, leave one in my car. I’ve been known to pick up a book at a long red light, read while walking to and from the parking garage, and stay up way to late to finish my latest obsession. My husband was fairly annoyed when I brought 6 books on our honeymoon (I finished 4.)

However, when I had Goober, I started finding myself leaving books by the wayside. I barely had time to shower, much less sit down for an expanse of time just to read. I was still up at all hours of the night, but it wasn’t a book I was holding. I quit going to the library and bookstore. There just wasn’t time.

Enter Kindle. Well, not an actual Kindle, those things are expensive! No, when I got my Android phone, I discovered that Kindle made free applications for phones and computers. And they have free books too! And the paid books are cheaper than their paper counterparts! This was all very exciting news to me. I always had my phone with me, it was light and I could use it one-handed. I started reading in tiny tiny spurts. The walk to the car. Standing in the grocery check-out line. I put it on my computers and I was suddenly reading on my lunch break. While I didn’t have long luxurious book binges anymore, it was better than not reading at all. As Goober gets bigger, my opportunities for reading have grown. We go to the library again, which really helps. Buying books via phone somehow makes you forget how much you’re really spending.

Anyway, my purpose of this post was actually not to ramble on about why or when I read, but rather to talk about what I read, and ask for some recommendations. I tend to defer to the same genre of books (chick lit) over and over again, which is fine, I like it. However, when I have stumbled upon something new, I generally love it. I just have a hard time choosing things. Also, I want to start tracking how many books I read on an annual basis. Pretty soon I will be creating a page dedicated to books I’ve read and books I want to read, based on recommendations from others.

Here is some basic info about my book history:

Favorite book ever? East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Which I read BEFORE Oprah’s Book Club!

Favorite non-pretentious sounding book? The Gift by Danielle Steel. In my defense, I read that for the first time in 7th grade, which made me more than vulnerable to the sickly sweet romance.

Favorite series? Harry Potter, without a doubt.

Favorite author? Changes regularly, but for the last couple years I’ve been following Jennifer Weiner, Jen Lancaster, and Jodi Piccoult.

When I get the new page created, I’ll update this post here. (Page is up!) In the meantime, I need your recommendations! I’m finishing up a Jodi Piccoult book and I also have a biography on Cleopatra that I grabbed at the library last week (probably because I could reach and swipe it in the time it took Goober to climb some shelves.) I haven’t decided if I’m going to read it or not. I need to start making requests to our library since they don’t keep too many bestsellers on hand. So please, if you’ve read something lately that you loved, tell me! I’m open to new genres, fiction or non, and I’m very interested to hear what other people are reading.

Note: None of the companies or authors above know I exist.


4 Responses to “Books books books”

  1. Read Cleopatra… I’ve learned there’s much more than what I originally thought I knew. Have you read The Kitchen House yet? Very good fiction.

  2. Soccergirl15 Says:

    You should go on the website shelfari.com you can track all of the books you are reading just like you are wanting to.

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