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Daily Goober 9/30/11 September 30, 2011

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Dear Goober,

I don’t know if it’s the later sunrise or what, but whatever the reason, from the bottom of my exhausted heart, thank you for sleeping until 7 am for the last 3 days!


Your sleep deprived parents


Daily Goober 9/29/11 September 29, 2011

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Dear Goober,

Last night when we hung out, just the two of us, I had so much fun with you. You were so talkative and inquisitive and you giggled so much! I took you to feed the ducks at a nearby park, your first time doing this activity, and you were so mesmerized by the act of throwing bread to the ducks.

Lately you’ve been really into animals, learning what we call them and what noises they make. Anytime you can see one of the animals from your books nearby in real life, you’re completely entranced by them. When I took you over to those ducks, you were just in heaven! I hope you retain that as you grow up, that innocent amazement in your daily experiences, both new and old. Just because you’ve seen something more than once doesn’t make it any less special. Every day that we have in this life is a miracle and a gift. I really want to teach you that, teach you to be grateful of your life and your blessings and to not take any of them for granted.

Just yesterday, you were sitting on top of the toilet, watching me get ready for work. As you’re prone to do, you wiggled just a little too far back and you started to fall backwards. I easily righted you back up before you went too far, but what could have been flashed before my eyes. If I was a little more distracted, if I’d turned my back at just the wrong moment, you could have kept falling. Falling at the exact spot where your little head and neck would have hit the side of the tub. It could have been very bad, it was at such the exact spot where it could have been very very bad. But it wasn’t.

There will be millions of moments like that in your life, millions of split-second chances for everything to change and for everything to go wrong. I want to bring you up with this awareness, not to frighten you into frozen terror, but to show you how wonderful our lives are. I want you to be grateful for every minute God blesses you with breath, be humbled by all the blessings in your life, and be awestruck by the daily miracles that surround you.

Love, Momma

my little explorer


What I Did On My Summer Vacation (but not really) September 28, 2011

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Originally I planned to write a big post about our trip to South Carolina, full of descriptions and anecdotes of all we saw and did. I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ accounts of their vacations and I wanted to do the same thing myself. However, it’s strange, while we were gone,  I got very weird about people calling me and wanting to know all about our trip, what we were doing, how Goober liked things. Even with my own parents! All of a sudden, this little voice in my head said, “You’re on VACATION! You don’t have to talk to people! Ignore them!!” So I did. I made a point to text my folks occasionally, let them know we were safe, but then I didn’t answer the phone, I didn’t return voicemails. My current record of vacations is once every 4 years, so I was going to make this one count.

Now that we’ve returned, I still have that feeling. It’s kinda stupid, but I’m not feeling inclined to share the details of our trip. Part of it is laziness, for sure. Seven days is a lot to cover. Still, part of it wants to hold it like a secret, a little piece of information that just belongs to Hubby, Goober, and I. Even if 80% of it was spent with my in-laws, that other 20% is extremely special to me, our first trip as a family of 3.

I have no problem sharing pictures of our trip though (I know, I don’t make sense to me either)!

South Carolina Slideshow!


Go Greek September 27, 2011

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I just have to say, as I sit here with my Chobani, that I love Greek yogurt. I love it so so much. Heaven on a spoon right here people.

That is all.


Daily Goober 9/27/11

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Yesterday I had a sneaky little attack on my emotions.

Recently Goober has been teething something fierce, mostly in his molar area. No breakthroughs, but having such hard teething in the back of his mouth has led to some false alarms of ear infection symptoms. Me being the hypochondriac that I am when it comes to my baby, I keep sending Hubby to the pediatrician with him. Yesterday I sent them off again and, once again, was told his ears are perfect, it’s just teething. Afterwards, Hubby was texting me the updates and also Goober’s stats, as they weighed and measured him. This is standard, no big deal, although he has finally hit 24lbs, bringing his weight percentiles up to the 50th% from the puny 25th% that he was at his birthday.

One final text I received read the following:

“By the way, Goober stood on the big boy scale to get weighed.”

That little line hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s just one of a million little milestones that he has and will pass in these first couple years that mark his evolution out of babyhood. For some reason though, this one caught me off guard. Sitting at my desk, my eyes welled up. I pictured my tiny baby, now not so tiny, standing up on a regular scale in the doctor’s office. That, in my mind, was the epitome of his transformation out of infancy and into childhood. He’s really no longer a baby, no matter how much I like to think of him as such.


Monday Pinning September 26, 2011

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Or: I went to South Carolina and all I got was some sweet crap from IKEA!

That’s right. I spent 5 days in South Carolina and brought back nothing but a t-shirt, however with less than 24 hours in Atlanta, I managed to jam $150 worth of IKEA into our already over filled rental car. If you know anything about IKEA, you know that you can score a major haul with $150! In my defense, St. Louis is over 4 hours away from the nearest IKEA, and my last visit was the last time I visited our Georgian relatives, over 5 years ago! This is sad for multiple reasons. Today’s pins will reflect some of my recent purchases, plus a little poetic waxing over the beauty that is IKEA.

Image courtesy of ikea.com

Image courtesy of ikea.com

Unfortunately I did not get to purchase actual sofas from IKEA. That would have a been a little problematic as far as driving them home with our Intermediate sized rental car. No, our second-best option was to purchase ourselves some lovely slip covers! We found that the Ektorp is designed pretty similarly to our own furniture at home. I’ve been researching slip covers for some time, and even thought about sewing my own, but with these costing $39 for the loveseat and $49 for the sofa, it was far more economical to let IKEA do it for me. The other drawback to these slipcovers was that white was the only color at these prices. If we wanted another color, the price about tripled. Still a good price, but too rich for our budget. I can handle white though, once I get some Scotch Guard, and it’ll give me a clean palette on which to play with accent pillows.

Image courtesy of ikea.com

This is the Grundtal wall rack, and it is hanging on a Grundtal rail. I bought several of these rails 5 years ago on our last trip to IKEA, along with some Bygel baskets. These have been very handy in our kitchen for holding a variety of items. Lately I have really wanted to get our iPod docking station off the kitchen counter, but it never fit in any of the baskets we owned. Enter Grundtal Wall Rack. I grabbed this last week and it is perfect to get the docking station up on the wall and out  of my way!

Image courtesy of ikea.com

These may look like plain old S-hooks, but they are not. Oh no, my friends, these are MAGIC hooks! When used in combination with a Grundtal rail these little hooks will hold: your aprons, your car keys, your sunglasses, your potato masher, multiple sizes of whisks (which looks OH SO CUTE hanging up by ascending size), your big ass barbeque tools that don’t fit in your utensil drawer, and anything else your little heart desires. I already have 5 or so at home, but I picked up another 5 because I’m always in favor of using up wall space to free up counter/drawer space.

And now, for the piece de resistence! (please use a French accent when reading that)

Image courtesy of ikea.com

This may look like IKEA’s signature Poang chair, but it’s actually a child’s size replica! Tiny chair!!! I have been looking for a fun chair for Goober to have in our living room that is just his size. I didn’t want your basic hard seated table chair (that are easier to find), I wanted more of a lounge chair. It’s not an easy task, to find such a chair that wasn’t $50+. Once again, IKEA came through! At $30, it was a little more than I originally wanted to spend, but the cute factor made it impossible to pass up.

So that’s about it for my haul. Tell me, what do you love at IKEA? Or, if you don’t love IKEA, what are you loving enough to Pin lately?


Saturday Sentiment September 24, 2011

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September 17, 2011

September 16, 2011