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A Feminist Issue September 1, 2011

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BlogHer has posted videos of their Voices of the Year community keynote, from the 2011 BlogHer Conference. I was so happy that they did this. I’ve never been to a BlogHer conference, but I’ve seen sporadic YouTube clips from the community keynote from the last several years and the readings never fail to move me.

As I’ve been working my way through these videos, one that really spoke to me was a video created by Annie of PhD in Parenting entitled Covering Up is a Feminist Issue. As a former breastfeeding parent, I felt very strongly about my right to feed my son and my right to do that wherever necessary. When it came to how much skin I exposed, I usually wore a cover up outside of the house, but that was because I preferred not to flash my stretch marked, over inflated chest to the world. Also, Goober was a very distractable eater, so the cover up helped him keep his focus. I didn’t cover up because I thought there was something wrong with breastfeeding. I didn’t cover up because I thought my breasts were dirty or inappropriate. If I forgot my cover up, that never stopped me from feeding my hungry little guy, and I was lucky enough to never receive any flak from a nosy public. My choice to cover myself up was just that, my choice. The idea that women are encouraged to hide themselves or go away in order to feed their child is preposterous. This is why I like this video so much. Thanks Annie.


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