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Daily Goober 9/7/11 September 7, 2011

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Making dinner as soon as I get home is always a challenge, since you have missed me all day (and I missed you!). You tend to be very clingy and hard to manage as I try to defrost, chop, stir, and bake things. You always want to see what I’m doing, you want to be held and this isn’t conducive to wielding a knife. Sometimes, though, if I turn on the radio, you will amuse yourself dancing for short spurts and I can get things going well enough to be able to pay you some attention.

Last night, after the rice was in the rice cooker, the chicken was cut up and sauteing in pan, and I had washed all the raw chicken off my hands and turned to you. I hoisted you in the air, just as “Somebody To Love” came on the iPod. Mama loves this song and you love a good beat, so there was nothing left to do but dance. With you in my arms, we waltzed and twirled and dipped and shimmied. I threw you in the air as you laughed and laughed. As the song wrapped up, we swayed back and forth, you with your chubby little arms wrapping tight around my neck, me bursting with the joy of the moment. The moment ended as your dad came upstairs, the dog barreled through the kitchen, you ran off, and I started on the vegetables, refreshed from the break in our typical weeknight chaos.


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