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Daily Goober September 7, 2011

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As I mentioned when I first started writing here, I’m a terrible baby book keeper. Horrible. This blog was actually meant to be a virtual baby book, a place to write down milestones and tiny daily memories, the things that I won’t remember on my own. In our fast paced, high tech world,  remembering to write down every new word that he learns is not possible. For some it is, but me, not so much. This annoys me. I want to be the woman who grabs a post-it to jot down my kid’s latest expression or new tooth or first tantrum. I’m going to want to look at those things, I’m going to want to flip through those memories someday, whether it’s because I’m old and gray and want to relive the preciousness that is these years, or because it’s two years from now and I’m trying to remember what possessed me to have a child in the first place ( I hear 3 is a bitch).

Lately I’ve noticed my posts tend to be very me-centric. I’m okay with that, it’s probably better to rattle on about myself to the great unknown than to some helpless person in the grocery checkout line. What I’m not okay with is my deviation away from my original goal: to archive Goober’s baby days, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. I want to remember how many ear infections he’s had, I want to know how he first pronounces Sophie (our dog), I want to recall the way he likes to hear the same book over and over consecutively. I want to remember how we spend his first 10 minutes awake every morning cuddling on the couch with his milk cup, just him and me.

So from here on out I’m planning to feature a semi-regular post: Daily Goober. This is where I’ll put down a new milestone, a funny anecdote, or a mild rant about my tiny little dictator. I say semi-regular to give myself a break, but every day is definitely my goal. I really hope that this will kick start my brain to hold on a little tighter to these every day miracles.


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