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15 Months September 9, 2011

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One and a quarter years.

Here is the 15 month break down of Goober.

  • Knows about 20 words

  • Can effectively use a fork, but appreciates help stabbing his food. Spoons are little trickier, everything tends to fall off before it reaches his mouth

  • Mobility: Walks, runs, climbs on all sorts of furniture

  • Favorite foods: Almond milk, anything with cheese, all fruit (especially whole fruits he can hold and bite himself), ice cream/froyo, peanut butter, condiments

  • Least favorite foods: most meat unless it’s covered in bbq sauce or ketchup

  • Favorite books: “Where is my house?”, “Where is my friend?”, and “Goodnight Gorilla”

  • Favorite show: n/a

  • Weight: 22.5 lbs, Height: ? taller than all his pants

  • Size: 12 – 18 months or 18 months, depending on brand

  • Hair: blonder, curly, and a little frizzy

  • Attitude: He has one! There is a little rhyme that my grandmother used to say to me by Henry Longfellow

There once was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

And when she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid

Replace the “she” for “he” and move the curl to the back of his head and you’ve got my kid right there! He’s mostly happy and sunny, he loves to dance and entertain a crowd. He’s a big laugher, lots of things make him chuckle. When he’s in a good mood, everything is sunshine and kittens and rainbows. But, oh man, when he is cranky, he is CRANKY. And he’s not BAD, like an evil demon child or anything, but if he is sick or teething or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, there is no calming this baby. He is determined to be miserable and you just better get ready to get miserable with him! Goober is also discovering free will and the right to express it, whether it be his new found word “No!”, or screaming like a banshee when he’s ready to get out of his carseat/stroller/highchair, or throwing himself in an Oscar worthy tantrum because there are no more cookies. He will be heard!

Pictures from Month 15

All my toys






Apple picking


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