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Pinnable Monday September 12, 2011

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Whew, it’s only Monday and already I’m looking forward to Friday. This week is going to be brutally busy between work, school, and home. It’s weeks like this that I tend to break out the crock-pot and put to use some of the many slow cooker recipes that I’ve been filing away.

Photo courtesy of http://foodiewithfamily.com

This is one of several slow cooker chicken tikka masala recipes I have pinned, but I’m so in love with this dish and to be able to have it waiting for me when I get home from work is equivalent to my husband cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen in the same day- amazing and unbelievable.


It’s at this point while I was writing this post that I realized that Chicken Tikka Masala recipes were the only slow cooker recipes on my pin board. I just assumed I had a ton of slow cooker recipes pinned because I LOVE my crockpot so much. Seriously. I’m not sure what I’d do without it. I have a few standard recipes, like Salsa Chicken for chicken tacos, and Pulled Pork, that I use over and over again. This isn’t going to cut it this year. As fall approaches,  I have a million more things on my plate this year. Plus, with Goober eating people food, I need some really great slow cooker recipes that I can prep either the night before or the morning of.

So, please, send me your slow cooker recipes and help a girl out. Soups, stews, pastas, bakes- if you love it, I’d love to try it! Please leave the recipes or the links in comments, or even better, @mention me on your slow cooker pins so I can Pin it to my Foodie board.

Happy Monday everyone!


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