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Monday Pinning September 26, 2011

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Or: I went to South Carolina and all I got was some sweet crap from IKEA!

That’s right. I spent 5 days in South Carolina and brought back nothing but a t-shirt, however with less than 24 hours in Atlanta, I managed to jam $150 worth of IKEA into our already over filled rental car. If you know anything about IKEA, you know that you can score a major haul with $150! In my defense, St. Louis is over 4 hours away from the nearest IKEA, and my last visit was the last time I visited our Georgian relatives, over 5 years ago! This is sad for multiple reasons. Today’s pins will reflect some of my recent purchases, plus a little poetic waxing over the beauty that is IKEA.

Image courtesy of ikea.com

Image courtesy of ikea.com

Unfortunately I did not get to purchase actual sofas from IKEA. That would have a been a little problematic as far as driving them home with our Intermediate sized rental car. No, our second-best option was to purchase ourselves some lovely slip covers! We found that the Ektorp is designed pretty similarly to our own furniture at home. I’ve been researching slip covers for some time, and even thought about sewing my own, but with these costing $39 for the loveseat and $49 for the sofa, it was far more economical to let IKEA do it for me. The other drawback to these slipcovers was that white was the only color at these prices. If we wanted another color, the price about tripled. Still a good price, but too rich for our budget. I can handle white though, once I get some Scotch Guard, and it’ll give me a clean palette on which to play with accent pillows.

Image courtesy of ikea.com

This is the Grundtal wall rack, and it is hanging on a Grundtal rail. I bought several of these rails 5 years ago on our last trip to IKEA, along with some Bygel baskets. These have been very handy in our kitchen for holding a variety of items. Lately I have really wanted to get our iPod docking station off the kitchen counter, but it never fit in any of the baskets we owned. Enter Grundtal Wall Rack. I grabbed this last week and it is perfect to get the docking station up on the wall and out  of my way!

Image courtesy of ikea.com

These may look like plain old S-hooks, but they are not. Oh no, my friends, these are MAGIC hooks! When used in combination with a Grundtal rail these little hooks will hold: your aprons, your car keys, your sunglasses, your potato masher, multiple sizes of whisks (which looks OH SO CUTE hanging up by ascending size), your big ass barbeque tools that don’t fit in your utensil drawer, and anything else your little heart desires. I already have 5 or so at home, but I picked up another 5 because I’m always in favor of using up wall space to free up counter/drawer space.

And now, for the piece de resistence! (please use a French accent when reading that)

Image courtesy of ikea.com

This may look like IKEA’s signature Poang chair, but it’s actually a child’s size replica! Tiny chair!!! I have been looking for a fun chair for Goober to have in our living room that is just his size. I didn’t want your basic hard seated table chair (that are easier to find), I wanted more of a lounge chair. It’s not an easy task, to find such a chair that wasn’t $50+. Once again, IKEA came through! At $30, it was a little more than I originally wanted to spend, but the cute factor made it impossible to pass up.

So that’s about it for my haul. Tell me, what do you love at IKEA? Or, if you don’t love IKEA, what are you loving enough to Pin lately?


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