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Daily Goober 9/29/11 September 29, 2011

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Dear Goober,

Last night when we hung out, just the two of us, I had so much fun with you. You were so talkative and inquisitive and you giggled so much! I took you to feed the ducks at a nearby park, your first time doing this activity, and you were so mesmerized by the act of throwing bread to the ducks.

Lately you’ve been really into animals, learning what we call them and what noises they make. Anytime you can see one of the animals from your books nearby in real life, you’re completely entranced by them. When I took you over to those ducks, you were just in heaven! I hope you retain that as you grow up, that innocent amazement in your daily experiences, both new and old. Just because you’ve seen something more than once doesn’t make it any less special. Every day that we have in this life is a miracle and a gift. I really want to teach you that, teach you to be grateful of your life and your blessings and to not take any of them for granted.

Just yesterday, you were sitting on top of the toilet, watching me get ready for work. As you’re prone to do, you wiggled just a little too far back and you started to fall backwards. I easily righted you back up before you went too far, but what could have been flashed before my eyes. If I was a little more distracted, if I’d turned my back at just the wrong moment, you could have kept falling. Falling at the exact spot where your little head and neck would have hit the side of the tub. It could have been very bad, it was at such the exact spot where it could have been very very bad. But it wasn’t.

There will be millions of moments like that in your life, millions of split-second chances for everything to change and for everything to go wrong. I want to bring you up with this awareness, not to frighten you into frozen terror, but to show you how wonderful our lives are. I want you to be grateful for every minute God blesses you with breath, be humbled by all the blessings in your life, and be awestruck by the daily miracles that surround you.

Love, Momma

my little explorer


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