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Monday Pinning October 3, 2011

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Finally- October is here! October is my favorite month for so many reasons: It’s fall and usually that means the St. Louis heat & humidity finally take a leave of absence. It’s the month I got married (October 6) and it’s the month we moved into our house (October 6, two years later). It’s the month I found out I was pregnant with Goober (October 15). It’s the month of my birth (October 22). And of course, it’s the month of Halloween!

I’ve never been much of a holiday decorator, especially for the minor holidays (i.e., other than Christmas.) It seemed a little pointless in my tiny apartments where no one ever visited. That’s not to say I don’t have friends, but rather friends and I would usually meet out somewhere, to get out of our cheap tiny apartments. I wanted to have cute holiday decorations, but those cost money, I’d have to store them, and it just didn’t seem worth it before Hubby and I had a house.

When we bought our house, I was completely planning on decorating for all the holidays. We moved into our house on October 6, found out we were pregnant just over a week later, and I was freshly zapped out of energy by the time Halloween 2009 rolled around. In 2010, I got a couple Halloween decorations out inside my house, but it was nothing special. It was around the time Goober stopped sleeping again, and I was just trying to survive. Also, I discovered after I dropped mucho $$$ at a local pumpkin patch, that the giant box hedges in front of my porch blocked out any hope of jack-o-lanterns, my favorite Halloween decoration. BOO! This year, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Those bushes are no longer a problem (more on that later). Goober is old enough to at least notice my decor.

I’m one of those crotchety old people who shakes their fist at the retail stores when they put out holiday decorations way far in advance of the actual holiday. Christmas in October, Valentines on December 26, Halloween before Labor Day! GAH. Drives me nuts. My Pinterest home page tells me I’m in the minority here, as Halloween decor ideas have been flooding in for weeks. I’ve been carefully putting each one aside on my Halloween Pinboard, biding my time until my self-imposed October 1st deadline passed before letting myself consider decorating. Now that we’re there, I’m so ready to crack out some of these amazing, adorable Halloween decorations!

Photo courtesy of http://thatswhatchesaid.net

First up: These adorable DIY Ghost Lights from my beloved Cheryl. Made from cheesecloth and ModPodge, these little cuties seem simple enough for me to try my hand. I’d really love to hang them on my front porch, but I’m worried that they might not handle inclimate weather well. We’ll see.

I’ve said it before, I need more wreaths! I’m not ashamed to say that this wreath is just another excuse to trek over to our new Joanne Fabrics location that recently opened near our house. That place is like HEAVEN.

Image courtesy of http://bhg.com

Umm, how cute is this little guy? Answer: SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE! It’s a pumpkin, it’s a mummy, it’s a multi-tasking Halloween decoration!

Image courtesy of http://wildinkpress.com

Glitter. Pumpkins. GLITTER PUMPKINS!!! Need I say more?

Image courtesy of http://thatswhatchesaid.net

These adorable witch hats belong on my mantel ASAP. Oh, I guess that means another trip to Joanne Fabrics.. Darn!

In the edible decoration category, we have this glorious cake. With three different sets of grandparents clammering to see Goober in his costume, last year I decided that they can all come to my house and I set out a big pot of chili with all the fixins. I think this will complement that meal nicely, don’t you?

This is just a sampling of the brilliant Halloween ideas that OTHER PEOPLE have. To see more of OTHER PEOPLE’s ideas, you can check out my Halloween Pinboard.

Do you have an awesome Halloween idea? Link to it in the comments! My Halloween decorating needs all the help it can get!


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