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A Landscaping Story October 4, 2011

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So over the weekend I decided that Hubby and I needed a little project. Let me start with a little back story:

This is my house on the day Hubby and I bought it, two years ago. Nice landscaping, huh?



Here is a wider shot in case you wanted to see more.

Notice the bushy tree covering the right third of my house? Yeah, that’s a bush that thought it was a tree. We knew that guy had to go right away.



This was right after we chopped down the TreeBush, but before we let go of the weird dying red leafed tree. He soon came to the end of his time with us. We also seemed to have attempted to “sculpt” the giant hedges. While looking a bit more kept, they obviously needed a diet. Unfortunately, these bushes were previously owned by my great aunt Mimi. Like the rest of the soon-to-be gutted house, Mimi did not take proper care of these bushes and let them run free and wild. Hence the TreeBush.


As I mentioned previously, these bushes interfered in my decorating aspirations.

On Halloween last year, I was forced to put my jack-o-lanterns on the corner. I was concerned that parents weren’t going to let their kids trick-or-treat at my house, what with them not being able to see their children on the porch over the monster bushes. I can’t say that I would blame them.


As my Halloween Pinboard grows full of cute pumpkins, wreaths, and other decor perfect for visible front porches, my annoyance compounded. This came to blows in my head Saturday morning as Hubby and I were discussing plans for an impending pumpkin patch outing. I could no longer handle the thought of those stupid bushes hiding my front porch from the world. I was done and those bushes needed to GO AWAY!


Umm, I have an idea for what I want to do today, but you’re not going to like it.”

What is it?” Hubby asked suspiciously. He does not enjoy yard work.

We need to cut down those bushes in front. I cannot go through another Halloween with no good porch decorations and frankly I cannot look at those monstrosities another second!”


I’m not dramatic or anything. It took a little convincing, but I soon got him on my side (bribery may have been involved.) We headed over to Home Depot to rent a chainsaw and buy some gloves and protective eyewear. We decided that since it was such a lovely day out, one of us would do the sawing while the other took care of Goober, who LOVES to play outside. When once of us got tired of our post, we’d switch. Hubby decided to take a shot at the bushes, so Goober and I played in the garage and made laps up and down the street in his wagon. When the first one came down, we were thinking this might look good.

Yes, I realize that it looked like we only have 2 bushes in front and 1 on the side, when actually there are about 6 total stumps under that foliage.

When the second bush came down, we knew we had made a good decision.


Around this time the chain fell off and we had to return to Home Depot to fix it. When we came back, I took Goober inside to eat lunch. After the annihilation of another bush, the blade was too dull to cut, so while Goober napped, Hubby returned a second time to Home Depot to get a new blade. I also contributed to our project by attempting to cut down our growing pile of brush into pieces that would fit into a standard lawn refuse bag.

He soon returned to finish the job, and soon our house looked like this:

Isn’t it beautiful! Except for all the stumps, which we’ll deal with somehow, eventually. With winter soon approaching, I’m not sure if we’re going to attempt landscaping this fall, or wait until spring. Doesn’t matter though, I can see my porch! I can display Jack-o-Lanterns and hang garland and prop up little Santa Claus statues!!





Now, if I could just have someone take care of this junk for me:


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