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4 Years October 6, 2011

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My wedding day was awesome. My engagement was a long, stressful, eczema inducing cluster of crazy, but I was determined to have a good time on my wedding day. As far as I was concerned there would be NO DO OVERS, so this one had to be perfect. Do you know what the first step is to making your wedding day perfect? Giving up the idea that the day will go perfectly. I woke up and I told myself, “Self, you’ve done all that you possibly can for this wedding, you’re done. Enjoy the day and just let it go!”

So I did. I spent the day getting ready for my 2:30 nuptials, I enjoyed the company of my amazing bridesmaids who came from far and wide to be with me, and when my husband-to-be tried to call me panicking about the rental place giving them the wrong pants, I made my matron of honor talk to him. I WILL NOT BE PANICKED. It’s my wedding day for Pete’s sake, I will find someone to panic for me!

Favorite moments:

  • Buying a bagel from Bread Company (Panera for those not from St. Louis) with my veil in place (Note: nothing makes you feel more like a bride than every little girl in the restaurant staring at you in awe!)
  • Walking down the aisle quoting Seinfeld to help my dad (and myself) avoid crying too hard.
  • Walking down the aisle and watching Hubby watch me.
  • Standing for pictures and not have to force a smile. That grin was stuck to my face and it’s the best smile I’ve ever had in any picture ever.
  • Hanging out on the bus, driving to picture locales, with our ten best friends. All my favorite people in one place makes for so much fun.
  • Our entire reception on the dance floor for one giant picture.
  • Dancing until my feet felt like falling off.
  • Leaving for the hotel with a HUSBAND. And not just any husband, but the best guy I could have ever imagined spending my life with.

Happy 4th Anniversary honey. I love you more with every passing year, day, minute.

Wedding Proofs 021  Wedding Proofs 042Wedding Proofs 131  Wedding Proofs 086Wedding Proofs 188  Wedding Proofs 288 Wedding Proofs 201  Wedding Proofs 248


2 Responses to “4 Years”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    And a fabulous day it was! I enjoyed it as much as you! Love you guys!

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