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What constitutes Sexy in my House October 7, 2011

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I really hope that Google brings me some unexpected visitors from that title, because I think there are many men who could benefit from this education. Maybe that’s presumptuous, but considering I’ve been trying to teach this to my husband for 4+ years and he is only starting to get it, it can’t hurt.

As I mentioned, yesterday was our anniversary. We don’t do anniversary gifts and this year I didn’t even have time to pick up a card. I know, I kinda suck. We had plans to drop off Goober with my parents and then go out to dinner. When I got home, I was surprised to find that the house was clean! CLEAN! Floors vacuumed, toys picked up, etc. The baby was DRESSED, his bag was PACKED and ready to go! I didn’t have to do anything!!

We keep our bedroom door closed most of the time to limit the number of places that Goober can hide from us. Also, because it’s usually the last room to get any attention, it’s generally in a state of filth. When I went to change my shoes, I opened our door to find a super clean bedroom, vacuumed, no dirty clothes on the floor, dusted dresser, new sheets and a made bed. And on top of that perfect bed was a dozen pink roses!

Men, take note. For a working mom, the sexiest thing you can do for us is usually Acts of Service. Clean the house, make a meal, run the dreaded errands, take care of the kids. And if you happen to throw some flowers on top of all that, you might just take our breath away!


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