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Crafty Crafty October 12, 2011

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Last week I posted about my desire to actually do some real live crafting and decorating for Halloween. Unlike the majority of my declarations, I actually followed through this time! For the past week I’ve been a crafting fool! Because I need to make this sudden burst of energy take me as far as I can, I’ll probably spread my little reveals out in several posts. The first craft I completed was extremely easy, although it was somewhat time consuming. However, that was my own fault, as you will see in a second. So here was my inspiration, the Fabric Banner from Craftaholics Anonymous.

The instructions call for about a million little strips of fabric. This was the time consuming part. What I didn’t do was go to Michael’s Crafts on Saturday, like I had planned to, with my 50% off coupon. If I had, then I would have purchased my new rotary cutter then, as opposed to purchasing it Monday night, after my project had completed and I was kicking myself. Don’t be like me.

Because this is my first foray into crafting, and likewise craft blogging, I didn’t take any pictures of the process. I was distracted with the project at hand, plus Linda does such a good job at mapping the whole thing out, you don’t need me to repeat it. That would be redundant. So instead, I’ll just give you a picture of my version.


Here it is from a straight on angle.

Please excuse my crappy cell phone photos.

Since I’m already showing you my mantle area, might as well give you a run down of the contents:

1.) My fancy dancy new fabric banner. I couldn’t find any thumb tacks, so it’s currently being held up with a pair of ugly old earrings. True story.

2.) The roses Hubby got me for our anniversary last week. They’re holding up pretty well.

3.) The tiny pumpkin that Goober picked out on our trip to the pumpkin patch Sunday. More to come later.

4.) Sketch of the Eiffel Tower I bought off a starving artist next to the Seine in Paris. I know, I’m so worldly!

5.) Yummy cinnamon scented pine cones purchased from Joanne Fabrics. Makes my house smell less like diapers, which is always appreciated.

6.) Ugly fireplace and fireplace front. Once I’m over the whole Halloween crafting, painting our fireplace and the cover is next on my list of to-dos!

7.) Picked up these heavy cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby for $0.99 each. Love that they were cheap, did not love that they sucked up a good 5 or more coats of black paint and they still are a little faded looking. Whatever, good enough!

So that’s my first Halloween craft, plus some extra info you probably don’t care about. Oh well, gave me a chance to play with Picnik on Flickr.

What are you making these days? Any crafts giving you a hard time? Any suggestions for de-uglifying my fireplace?


4 Responses to “Crafty Crafty”

  1. craftaholicsanon Says:

    Yay! Your banner turned out so cute! way to go! goes perfect with your mantel. And isn’t a rotary cutter a beautiful thing?? so sorry you got it after you made it!
    happy crafting,

    • Merrsidotes Says:

      Thanks! Yes, I actually started attempting one of your t-shirt pom poms last night and use the rotary for the strips. SO MUCH BETTER! Unfortunately my little pom isn’t too full, I think I messed up somehow. Oh well, I’ll just try again.

  2. Libby Says:

    I too have an ugly fireplace but after “in depth” researching (online of course) on how to paint it I decided to only paint the excedinglyier (new word for ugly house parts) ugly mantel. Perked it up to “ties right into the rest of the room” look. (The online sources said the brick needs to be sealed and special heat resistant paint used…too much work so went with just the mantel.. I know people who just used latex…being a safety nag I’m skeptical).

    You gave me an idea since my rotary cutter takes too long…use my serger without the thread!

    Have fun on your crafting/painting escapades (they’re no fun if they aren’t an adventure)

    • Merrsidotes Says:

      A serger…that’s an idea!
      I really dislike the color of my brick. It’s dingy and blah. I really wish I could take it outside and sandblast it (like I saw once on HGTV), but I’m not dealing with that mess. Maybe I need to do a little more research, I thought you only needed the special paint for inside the fireplace? Thanks for the info!

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