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Boo! October 13, 2011

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That’s what a ghost says, at least, according to Goober. So what do 10 ghosts say? Nothing, they’re fake!

This is my really poor attempt to lead into my next craft. I got this idea from Cheryl at That’s What Che Said. A couple weeks ago she made these adorable little ghost lights for her house:

Cute, right? I know, that girl is too creative. Luckily, she doesn’t mind me pinching her ideas. Copying is the strongest form of flattery, right?

I did tweak mine just a tad. I knew I wanted mine to go outside, despite my fears that any precipitation might wreck them all to hell. I’ll take my chances. Since they were going outside, I decide to make them a little bigger. I didn’t have popsicle mold or Dixie cups, but I did have some disposable cups leftover from Goober’s birthday that I could use.

This is my living room. I like to watch tv when I craft.

So instead of the 7×7 squares, mine were about 10×10 or so. I didn’t measure, that might be way off. I also used two-ply cheesecloth and a 50/50 water/glue mixture. It was pretty simple. The hardest part for me was cutting out the faces. I kinda suck at that sort of thing. Also, waiting for them to dry! I actually couldn’t wait for that and used my tacky glue to stick the faces on while my ghosts were still wet.

Please excuse the mess, I had time to either clean or craft. I chose craft. I will always choose craft.

This picture was taken at the end of Parenthood, approximately 40-45 minutes after I decided to make these tonight. Pretty quick stuff. This is when I should have said, “Alright, bedtime! I’ll finish these tomorrow!” If you understand foreshadowing, then you already know that this is not what happened. Instead, I set these aside and started working on a couple other crafts, had an argument with my husband, ate some ice cream, and continued to not clean all the way until Jimmy Fallon came on. That is when I determined that my ghosts were dry enough. I removed them from their cups, poked holes in their cute little heads and strung them up!

Everybody say hi to Sophie dog in the window!

I’d love to say that was the end, but alas, it was not. When I got home from work last night, 6 of my 10 ghosts had fallen off their bulbs. It seems that their holes were too big (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! Ba dum, ching!) Per Cheryl’s suggestion, I righted this with a little hot glue. It’s rained the past two evenings and they are still holding their form, so so far the weather doesn’t seem to effect them too much. Granted, they’re under the awning, so that helps I’m sure.

So that’s it, that’s my cool craft of the day. I’ve got two more things in my crafting line up, but then I’m going to need some ideas, so send them my way!


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