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Ramblings October 18, 2011

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  • Over the weekend we had hired some random guy to come grind down the stumps left over from when we chopped down our front bushes. Ever since we left our yard dotted with stumps, we’ve had one guy after another drop flyers at our front door advertising their services. The $50 guy won out and Sunday morning he showed up to do the work. On Stump #4, the grinder hit a rock. That rock shot up and through our front storm door, shattering it. Today I’m supposed to call this guy with the replacement quote so that he can pay for the new door. Wish me luck that he actually returns my phone call.
  • Shattered door aside, our yard looks awesome. We mowed, pulled weeds, trimmed, picked up dog doo, and put away the hammock and all Goober’s summer toys. Our yard is officially winterized and ready to go!
  • I still keep forgetting to take pictures of my other two Halloween crafts to show you guys. I’m sure I’ll get to that eventually.
  • I still haven’t bought another package of cheese cloth to finish my ghost lights. I’m sure I’ll get to that eventually.
  • My inner homemaker reared it’s head again this weekend. While at Costco last week, I decided to pick up a whole rotisserie chicken. I generally don’t buy those because the ones they carry at the regular grocery store are puny and cost upwards of $7 or $8. But those Costco rotisseries, whoo, those things are fat and only run me $4.99! So I grabbed one and over the weekend I pulled every ounce of chicken off it and portioned it in 2 cup increments and froze the chicken. Then I threw the carcass (someone please give me a nicer word for that) in with some carrots, potatoes, vinegar, and a whole lot of water and simmered it for almost 5 hours. I portioned my newly created broth in 2 cup increments and froze that as well. So, anybody got any good idea for stretching that chicken (and chicken stock) into some LARGE meals that will last us through several meals? Maybe some kind of casserole? Do people still make casseroles, or is that so 80s?
  • My friend Miranda recently quit her job to stay home with her son. This was after much debate, as her husband is a full time pharmacy school student and she was their sole income. But after struggling to find good childcare, questioning the ethics of her employer, and being unable to find alternate work in the current economic climate, Miranda and her husband decided that Miranda would stay home with her son full time and they would just make it work however they could. It’s, in her words, a leap of faith. She’s started a blog chronicling her new journey called My Time At Home. Go say hi!
  • One last thing- my kid is damn cute



















  • Seriously. Cute.

2 Responses to “Ramblings”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    Love the picture! Thanks for mentioning my blog! So sorry about your door. 😦 Somehow I think you have more time in your day than I do. ha! Need to see your craft pictures, it may make me want to be more crafty.

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