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Thinking Ahead October 27, 2011

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Disclaimer: I am being offered 25 free cards to tell you what I think about Shutterfly’s 2011 Christmas Card Collection. I am not being given any real money and my opinions are completely my own.

It’s getting to be that time again. The time where I have to start thinking about Christmas Cards. I know, I know, I’ve told you before that I’m very opposed to thinking about holidays too soon. Generally I don’t want to even consider Christmas until I’m eating leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. I’ve figured out, however, that if I want them to look a certain way, then I need to get on the ball way before Thanksgiving. While I don’t like to think about Christmas until Black Friday, once it’s Christmas in my head, it needs to be Christmas EVERYWHERE. Including your house. That means my I like my Christmas cards to go out by the first week of December if possible.

Let’s do some postal math: If Mary wants to send her Christmas cards out by, say, December 7, that means they need to be stuffed and stamped by December 6. Stuffing and addressing takes approximately 2 hours of good television or 1 hour of what-is-this-crap television. Figure in a good 1-2 weeks of cheapest possible shipping from Shutterfly (where we get our photo cards). That brings us to mid Novemberish? Then we consider a week of debating over card layouts, wording, and mind changing. So that’s early-mid November. Plus, if we get professional photos taken, at least a week or two to wait for the edited images. [sidenote: I do not get professional photos taken just for a Christmas card. However, I skipped getting good 1 year photos taken of Goober and he hasn’t had anything done since the end of March. So it’s either combine them now Christmas card pics and skip 18 month photos, or do a half-ass Christmas card pic and get 18 month photos done for Christmas presents…the jury is still out] So now we’re around Halloween? Plus time for setting up the photo appointment, and holy shit, I’m already running late!

Luckily, I can probably eliminate that week of debating over card layouts by just getting on there now! Shutterfly has already posted their Christmas card layouts for 2011, so I can obsess now while waiting the week or two it’s going to take to get into the photographer. Then once I hound her for the images, I can just plug and chug!

Here is what ours looked like last year

I know, so cute right? I got SO MANY complements from people on that card. I mean, people called me to just to tell me how much they loved my Christmas card! Now I have to top that this year, because isn’t that what it’s all about? Beating yourself year after year? No, just me? Anyway…here’s a few card styles that I’m liking.

First of all, I’m probably only going to show flat photo card type cards. As in, not a folded card. Last year I sent out close to 75 of these babies and I will not being writing in those by hand. No. So let it all just be printed on the front, thank you very much.

I like this one because it’s a little whimsical. I also like cards that aren’t so very CHRISTMAS JESUS in your face. Although I don’t think that we have many non-Christmas celebrating folks, I still like to be all encompassing. It’s my diversity wishful thinking.

How fun is that? I love the wording on this. I don’t like having a single picture though, it’s too hard to pick just one. If we go with the me trying to get a picture of Goober option though, this might be good because more than likely I’ll be lucky if I can get one good one.

Oh man, this might be it. I LOVE THIS. But then, I also am weird about Hubby and I not being in the picture. Goober isn’t the only family member! But this is so cute…Grrr.

You might notice that all of these are the premium photo paper cards. Kinda pricey if you have to buy more than 20 or so. Well, I’m getting 25 free, so that’s why I’m looking here. But if I wasn’t, I’d be over on the photo paper cards, where the price point is much more budget friendly. They are still super cute, it’s just a different type of paper.

See. Super cute + affordable!

Also, did you know they do Christmas party invitations? They do. Almost makes it worth the hassle of throwing a party. Almost.

Fun stuff. So there you go, some awesome card options from Shutterfly, plus a published reminder to myself to get on this already. If you like any in particular, let me know. I like to please the people. And if you want to tell me how adorable my kid/card was last year, you can tell me that too. I can’t hear it enough!


2 Responses to “Thinking Ahead”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    Haha! SOO true. All of it. I am going to use Jacob’s 6 month pictures for my cards because by the time I had them taken and edited and ordered I just now got them and he is 8 months old and I will be mailing Christmas cards in about a month so there you go. Except I am going “old fashioned” and sending pictures inside Christmas cards. 2 reasons. 1-I think it’s cheaper and I need cheap right now. 2-I bought a gazillion Christmas cards one year that were like 90% off and I still have a billion to go before I run out. 🙂

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