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First Haircut November 30, 2011

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Last night I did something that I swore I wasn’t going to do for a very very long time. Hubby and I took the Goober for his first haircut!

[cue sobbing]

[a little more sobbing]

[hiccup] Excuse my hysterics, it’s just that I cannot get over the concepts of babies growing up and all that jazz. Beyond that though, my kid has some seriously cute curls residing on his head and I was not prepared to chop them off!

They’re seriously CUTE.

Exhibit A:

I just spent 15 minutes combing my Flickr archives to find a decent picture of my baby’s curls and have come to the conclusion that they are just unable to be properly represented in photos. However, I’m going to try to dissect this photo to show you why I just couldn’t go another day without getting his hair trimmed.

Exhibit B:

Please observe the purple areas. These are the prettiest, softest little blond curls any momma could ask for. They formed little ringlets, pin curls, and were just so sweet.

Now let’s look at Exhibit C, or as I like to call it, the Bane Of Bath Time:

See that green patch there? That is a briar patch. A tumbleweed. A rat’s nest. Right smack dab in the middle of the crown of his head is a big circle of hair unlike anything else. It’s course. It’s dry. It’s frizzy and tangle prone. It sucks. Growing out the rest of his hair meant letting that patch of frizz also grow out and it about drove me to the loony bin. Bath time meant putting conditioner in it, letting it sit and soften, combing it out WHILE THE CONDITIONER IS STILL IN, pissing off my toddler who does not like hair combing, and then rinsing it. Then he goes to sleep and it’s all to hell. If we are going anywhere where I want his hair to be good, I have to bath him THAT DAY, do the hair routine, and make sure it dries before he lays on it in the car seat. Even then it’s often a lost cause.


I was done. Praying to God that his curls came back, I made an appointment at The Hairy Elephant, a salon just for kids. They do a little First Haircut Certificate with a picture and a lock of hair attached. This preys on my First Time Parent heart and wallet and I don’t even care! I was really glad we went with them, it was a really good experience.

They have a fun waiting area

When our stylist took us back to the cutting area, Goober got to sit in a red race car chair. It had a seatbelt (like a high chair) to keep him from jumping ship. Our stylist asked us if he like Elmo or Mickey, and when we told her of his new found love of all things Elmo, she quickly popped in an Elmo’s World dvd. She asked us what we were looking for and was very conscientious of our desire not to go very short. Just take off a little mullet and a little poof and we’ll be happy! Gabe was pretty much unaware of the fact that she was holding scissors, but was annoyed with her continually grabbing his hair. I had to give the camera over to Hubby while she did her work so that I could get down to Goober’s level and keep him calm. Luckily she was very quick (except for the time it took the comb the oatmeal out of his hair. Whoops!) and it was all over in less than 10 minutes.

Before (complete with POOF):




And After:


No hair in his eyes, no mini mullet, no more all day bedhead. It’s all good up in this neighborhood.

I still may have teared up just a little, but come on, it’s my baby!


Gobble Gobble November 21, 2011

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Between the Cold Of DOOOM that I acquired this past weekend and the upcoming festivities of Thanksgiving on Thursday, I’m going to take a little vacation from the Blogosphere whilst I recuperate and get ready to get my turkey on. I have big plans for the post-Thanksgiving weekend (by big plans, I mean decorating) and I’ll be back next Monday, hopefully with pictures to share.

Have a happy turkey day and, if you’re traveling, please stay safe!


Remember to be Grateful November 16, 2011

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If you don’t live in St. Louis, you might not be aware of the tragedy currently dominating the the news outlets in our little city. Basically, Tuesday morning a mother reported her 13 month old toddler was missing from his crib when she woke up. A Saraa Alert (local version of an Amber Alert) was sounded in the early afternoon and less than an hour later that little boy’s body was found less than a mile from his house. Someone was taken into custody this morning, but the police aren’t saying who yet.

While these types of things unfortunately happen regularly all over the country, this story hit me particularly hard. First of all, this incident was frighteningly close to home. The little boy was found a couple miles from my house and just blocks from where my best friend and her family live. The other thing that really got to me was how close in age that little boy was to Goober. I sobbed in front of the news last night as I imagined what his family is going through and tried to push away the uncontrollable thoughts about what could have happened to this toddler in his last hours, what he endured, and the life that will never be lived.

It’s incidents like this that remind us of how short our lives are and how much shorter they could be. Not to sound too li, but our lives can change in an instant. The scariest part is that 99% of life is out of our control. I cannot control the people driving around me. I cannot control what happens to my child when I’m not there. I cannot control the actions of the sociopaths, child predators, and desperate criminals that inevitably live in our communities. But I do have the power to be careful. I can be an attentive and defensive driver. I can take the utmost care to carefully screen every person I allow to come in contact with my child. I can be diligent about being aware of my surroundings, being cautious, and always listening to my gut.

For these reasons, I have once again resolved to be more grateful every day for my family. For that beautiful little boy. If, GOD FORBID KNOCK ON WOOD SIGNS OF THE CROSS, anything ever happened to my husband or my son or anyone else in my life, I want to know that I made the most of every single second I had with them. I want our time to count. I want pictures and videos and documentation of these lives that my make my life worthwhile. That’s the reason I created this blog in the first place. To document the little moments and to capture our memories. I challenge you to do the same.


Homemade(ish) Foaming Hand Soap November 14, 2011

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Question for you- Do you love foaming soap? You know, the kind with the weird pump and surprisingly watery soap inside that auto foams when you press the nozzle? Perhaps made by a brand that rhymes with Mile? (I don’t know what the rules are about blogging and brands, so to be safe, I’m going to with “rhymes with”) If you said yes, keep reading. If you said no, well, keep reading anyway. Question #2-Does the price of the foaming hand soap (especially considering how much quicker you go through it) grate on you? Maybe you’ve considered not buying it, even if you love it? If your answer here is no, well then, I can’t help you. If your answer is yes again, then you might just also love me. Feel free to tell me so if you feel inclined.

To make your foaming hand soap, you’ll need the following:


Some liquid hand soap and an empty foaming soap pump bottle. Unfortunately I do not know how to get you out of paying the initial price to get the special pump. But buy yourself one (I think they even have them at Aldi’s now) and you’ll make up your pennies elsewhere. For instance, you could go to Costco and get two of these for $7.50


That’s a lot of hand soap.

Put about this much soap into your foaming soap pump bottle


Fill the rest up with water. (If you’re using a different sized bottle, the ratio should be about 1 to 5, soap to water)


Shake it up




Hot damn! FOAM! And it feels and washes and smells exactly like the much more expensive store version.

I’m pretty sure my Costco set of liquid hand soap will probably last me until Goober goes to college. And then I’ll still get to send the second bottle with him!

Just for grins, let’s do some light math. A standard bottle of Rhymes with Mile foaming hand soap costs approximately $1.79 at your favorite BigBox store. A 64oz liquid hand soap refill bottle will cost about $4.00 at the same BigBox store (a little more than Costco). If I used approximately 1.5 oz of liquid hand soap to make my fabulous homemade foaming hand soap, then I should get about 42 homemade bottles of foaming hand soap from my one refill bottle. Ignoring the cost of the water out of my faucet, I will then determine that 1 bottle of homemade foaming hand soap costs approximately 9.5 cents. This brings my savings to just under $1.69/bottle, or $71.18 over the time it takes to go through 42 bottles of foaming hand soap. [insert happy dance]

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Joplin Bound November 10, 2011

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And you know who’s in Joplin, right? Cheryl of course! And Freddy, Michael, and Ryan!! Hubby and the Goober and I are piling in the car tomorrow morning to make the 4+ hour drive to see our friends. Honestly, I don’t think our kids have spent more than an hour together since Goober’s been born. They’re gone so much, that when they do come in town, everyone is vying for their time, naps never match up, travelling wear’s the kids out, etc. I’m so excited to have them all to ourselves for 48 hours, watching the kids play together all weekend, and just chilling out without trying to shove 4 months worth of quality time into a couple hours. Also, I get to partake of Cheryl’s famous chili, her even more famous cocktails, and see all the cool stuff she’s been crafting lately.

About this time last year we tried to go visit Cheryl and family when they were still in Minnesota. Goober and Ryan were 5 months old, we bought plane tickets and everything, and then Minneapolis got hit with a very early, very heavy snow storm. Our flight was cancelled while we sat at the airport. Very disappointing. I never did get to see their house in Minnesota and they lived there for over 3 years! So I am making sure that we get to Joplin this year to visit them. Hopefully we have no freak weather or random children coming down with the plague or anything else weird to keep us from our destination (knock on wood). Wish us luck!


Fall Back- Into crummy sleeping Habits November 7, 2011

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Happy Monday! I know, a contradiction in terms, right? Did everyone enjoy their extra hour yesterday? I don’t know what it is about time changes, but they totally throw Goober off. And in ways that don’t even make sense. Maybe it’s coincidence that every time the time changes, he has several days of weird sleep, but I don’t think so. In the early hours of Sunday (3:30 pre time change, 2:30 post time change) Goober woke up thinking it was party time or something. And unlike his other occasional night wakings, this time he wasn’t screaming. Very unusual for him. Instead he was playing and talking in his crib. This continued for more than an hour, while Hubby and I laid there and listened to him. It was a phenomenon that we have never experienced, him being awake AND in his crib BUT NOT screaming. Very strange. Eventually he fell back asleep and so did we, and he slept until about 7 am (new time, 8 old time), which is very late for him. Then on Sunday his naps were all screwed up. He took a morning nap for about an hour and a half, but no afternoon nap. He woke up crying around 2 am this morning, and again at 5, and woke up for the day at 6. Very early, Momma no like!

This weekend the Hubby and I were extremely productive. We figured it might be the last good weekend of the year, so we got out in the yard and got BUSY! (not that kind of busy, surely not in the yard!)


  • tore out a brick flower bed on the side of the house (I got to use a sledge hammer!)
  • Hauled two loads of rocks/brick/weird pieces of concrete to the dump. On the second round I batted my eyelashes at the guy working the register to get him to let us go for free since it would have only taken us 1 trip if we’d had a truck. It worked!
  • Planted new shrubs in front of our porch and a lilac bush under our bedroom window. I can’t wait for it to bloom next spring and I will be able to smell them from my room with the windows open!!!
  • Dug/smashed/yanked out several old railroad ties that were buried along our back fence. Ugly, rotting, yet still in there really well stupid railroad ties. It’s amazing how something so rotting and decomposing can still hold on tight to the ground! It took us an average of 15-30 minutes PER TIE.

Unrelated to the yard, but still accomplished:

  • Found some FREE! gently used carpet on Craigslist for our basement. We had to drive 45 minutes to get it and we still have to figure out how to install it, but HEY ITS FREE!
  • Dyed my recently purchased couch & love seat slip covers.

So all in all a great weekend. Most of the work was done with Goober napping or working out there with us. We gave him “tasks” to do and he got down to business: raking mulch, moving tiny rocks from Place A to Place B. We’re working on following directions, so there was lots of good practice, even if he still doesn’t get it too often.

Oh! I almost forgot. Yesterday I got an email from Kristabella telling me I won her Shutterfly card giveaway! 25 more free holiday cards!! SWEET! Thanks Kristin!!


Saturday Sentiment November 5, 2011

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