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Joplin Bound November 10, 2011

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And you know who’s in Joplin, right? Cheryl of course! And Freddy, Michael, and Ryan!! Hubby and the Goober and I are piling in the car tomorrow morning to make the 4+ hour drive to see our friends. Honestly, I don’t think our kids have spent more than an hour together since Goober’s been born. They’re gone so much, that when they do come in town, everyone is vying for their time, naps never match up, travelling wear’s the kids out, etc. I’m so excited to have them all to ourselves for 48 hours, watching the kids play together all weekend, and just chilling out without trying to shove 4 months worth of quality time into a couple hours. Also, I get to partake of Cheryl’s famous chili, her even more famous cocktails, and see all the cool stuff she’s been crafting lately.

About this time last year we tried to go visit Cheryl and family when they were still in Minnesota. Goober and Ryan were 5 months old, we bought plane tickets and everything, and then Minneapolis got hit with a very early, very heavy snow storm. Our flight was cancelled while we sat at the airport. Very disappointing. I never did get to see their house in Minnesota and they lived there for over 3 years! So I am making sure that we get to Joplin this year to visit them. Hopefully we have no freak weather or random children coming down with the plague or anything else weird to keep us from our destination (knock on wood). Wish us luck!


2 Responses to “Joplin Bound”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    Did you have fun in Joplin? I definitely know what it’s like to not see your friends for a long time. So glad you got to go!

    • Merrsidotes Says:

      We had so much fun in Joplin! It was so nice to see them without the rush that usually accompanies their visits home. Also it was really incredible to see where the tornado hit last year. So sad and so humbling.

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