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Homemade(ish) Foaming Hand Soap November 14, 2011

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Question for you- Do you love foaming soap? You know, the kind with the weird pump and surprisingly watery soap inside that auto foams when you press the nozzle? Perhaps made by a brand that rhymes with Mile? (I don’t know what the rules are about blogging and brands, so to be safe, I’m going to with “rhymes with”) If you said yes, keep reading. If you said no, well, keep reading anyway. Question #2-Does the price of the foaming hand soap (especially considering how much quicker you go through it) grate on you? Maybe you’ve considered not buying it, even if you love it? If your answer here is no, well then, I can’t help you. If your answer is yes again, then you might just also love me. Feel free to tell me so if you feel inclined.

To make your foaming hand soap, you’ll need the following:


Some liquid hand soap and an empty foaming soap pump bottle. Unfortunately I do not know how to get you out of paying the initial price to get the special pump. But buy yourself one (I think they even have them at Aldi’s now) and you’ll make up your pennies elsewhere. For instance, you could go to Costco and get two of these for $7.50


That’s a lot of hand soap.

Put about this much soap into your foaming soap pump bottle


Fill the rest up with water. (If you’re using a different sized bottle, the ratio should be about 1 to 5, soap to water)


Shake it up




Hot damn! FOAM! And it feels and washes and smells exactly like the much more expensive store version.

I’m pretty sure my Costco set of liquid hand soap will probably last me until Goober goes to college. And then I’ll still get to send the second bottle with him!

Just for grins, let’s do some light math. A standard bottle of Rhymes with Mile foaming hand soap costs approximately $1.79 at your favorite BigBox store. A 64oz liquid hand soap refill bottle will cost about $4.00 at the same BigBox store (a little more than Costco). If I used approximately 1.5 oz of liquid hand soap to make my fabulous homemade foaming hand soap, then I should get about 42 homemade bottles of foaming hand soap from my one refill bottle. Ignoring the cost of the water out of my faucet, I will then determine that 1 bottle of homemade foaming hand soap costs approximately 9.5 cents. This brings my savings to just under $1.69/bottle, or $71.18 over the time it takes to go through 42 bottles of foaming hand soap. [insert happy dance]

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3 Responses to “Homemade(ish) Foaming Hand Soap”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    Nice! I would buy my handsoaps at Bath and Body Works after a holiday when they were on sale. They still aren’t as cheap as 9.5 cents a bottle. 🙂 I will have to remember this now though because I am becoming the money saver queen! 😉

    • Merrsidotes Says:

      If you buy their regular liquid soap, I don’t see any reason why this won’t work with that as well. I can’t use scented soap because of my eczema, but I’m willing to bet this will work the same. And if you already have the B&BW foaming bottles, save those and use them with the Walmart scented soaps. No one will know the difference!

  2. adaynasmile Says:

    I tried this and it works wonderfully! I use Dr. Bonner’s (which I am in love with) and it smells fantastic and foams marvelously! I found you on pinterest and linked up to you on my blog. Thanks for the post!


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