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Remember to be Grateful November 16, 2011

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If you don’t live in St. Louis, you might not be aware of the tragedy currently dominating the the news outlets in our little city. Basically, Tuesday morning a mother reported her 13 month old toddler was missing from his crib when she woke up. A Saraa Alert (local version of an Amber Alert) was sounded in the early afternoon and less than an hour later that little boy’s body was found less than a mile from his house. Someone was taken into custody this morning, but the police aren’t saying who yet.

While these types of things unfortunately happen regularly all over the country, this story hit me particularly hard. First of all, this incident was frighteningly close to home. The little boy was found a couple miles from my house and just blocks from where my best friend and her family live. The other thing that really got to me was how close in age that little boy was to Goober. I sobbed in front of the news last night as I imagined what his family is going through and tried to push away the uncontrollable thoughts about what could have happened to this toddler in his last hours, what he endured, and the life that will never be lived.

It’s incidents like this that remind us of how short our lives are and how much shorter they could be. Not to sound too li, but our lives can change in an instant. The scariest part is that 99% of life is out of our control. I cannot control the people driving around me. I cannot control what happens to my child when I’m not there. I cannot control the actions of the sociopaths, child predators, and desperate criminals that inevitably live in our communities. But I do have the power to be careful. I can be an attentive and defensive driver. I can take the utmost care to carefully screen every person I allow to come in contact with my child. I can be diligent about being aware of my surroundings, being cautious, and always listening to my gut.

For these reasons, I have once again resolved to be more grateful every day for my family. For that beautiful little boy. If, GOD FORBID KNOCK ON WOOD SIGNS OF THE CROSS, anything ever happened to my husband or my son or anyone else in my life, I want to know that I made the most of every single second I had with them. I want our time to count. I want pictures and videos and documentation of these lives that my make my life worthwhile. That’s the reason I created this blog in the first place. To document the little moments and to capture our memories. I challenge you to do the same.


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