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First Haircut November 30, 2011

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Last night I did something that I swore I wasn’t going to do for a very very long time. Hubby and I took the Goober for his first haircut!

[cue sobbing]

[a little more sobbing]

[hiccup] Excuse my hysterics, it’s just that I cannot get over the concepts of babies growing up and all that jazz. Beyond that though, my kid has some seriously cute curls residing on his head and I was not prepared to chop them off!

They’re seriously CUTE.

Exhibit A:

I just spent 15 minutes combing my Flickr archives to find a decent picture of my baby’s curls and have come to the conclusion that they are just unable to be properly represented in photos. However, I’m going to try to dissect this photo to show you why I just couldn’t go another day without getting his hair trimmed.

Exhibit B:

Please observe the purple areas. These are the prettiest, softest little blond curls any momma could ask for. They formed little ringlets, pin curls, and were just so sweet.

Now let’s look at Exhibit C, or as I like to call it, the Bane Of Bath Time:

See that green patch there? That is a briar patch. A tumbleweed. A rat’s nest. Right smack dab in the middle of the crown of his head is a big circle of hair unlike anything else. It’s course. It’s dry. It’s frizzy and tangle prone. It sucks. Growing out the rest of his hair meant letting that patch of frizz also grow out and it about drove me to the loony bin. Bath time meant putting conditioner in it, letting it sit and soften, combing it out WHILE THE CONDITIONER IS STILL IN, pissing off my toddler who does not like hair combing, and then rinsing it. Then he goes to sleep and it’s all to hell. If we are going anywhere where I want his hair to be good, I have to bath him THAT DAY, do the hair routine, and make sure it dries before he lays on it in the car seat. Even then it’s often a lost cause.


I was done. Praying to God that his curls came back, I made an appointment at The Hairy Elephant, a salon just for kids. They do a little First Haircut Certificate with a picture and a lock of hair attached. This preys on my First Time Parent heart and wallet and I don’t even care! I was really glad we went with them, it was a really good experience.

They have a fun waiting area

When our stylist took us back to the cutting area, Goober got to sit in a red race car chair. It had a seatbelt (like a high chair) to keep him from jumping ship. Our stylist asked us if he like Elmo or Mickey, and when we told her of his new found love of all things Elmo, she quickly popped in an Elmo’s World dvd. She asked us what we were looking for and was very conscientious of our desire not to go very short. Just take off a little mullet and a little poof and we’ll be happy! Gabe was pretty much unaware of the fact that she was holding scissors, but was annoyed with her continually grabbing his hair. I had to give the camera over to Hubby while she did her work so that I could get down to Goober’s level and keep him calm. Luckily she was very quick (except for the time it took the comb the oatmeal out of his hair. Whoops!) and it was all over in less than 10 minutes.

Before (complete with POOF):




And After:


No hair in his eyes, no mini mullet, no more all day bedhead. It’s all good up in this neighborhood.

I still may have teared up just a little, but come on, it’s my baby!


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