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When did it become December?? December 13, 2011

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Well, I’ve returned, after apparently falling right off the face of the Earth. Happy December everybody! After Thanksgiving, our house was hit with one illness after another. Goober still has a runny nose and Hubby’s cough is only slightly terrifying. In addition to disease ravaging our household, I had to write a final paper for class that was due yesterday. I spent the entire, and I mean ENTIRE, weekend writing and revising until I couldn’t see straight. Unfortunately, my new sewing machine that I bought off Amazon with my birthday gift cards arrived last Wednesday. I knew if I opened that box, I would fail my class, so in the box it stayed until last night!

I’ve been collecting crafting supplies since around Halloween, when I decided to become crafty. Reading the creative blogs of folks like Cheryl, Linda, and the Real Housewives really inspired me to start crafting and creating and generally doing something other than collapsing into my television when Goober goes to bed. Hence my decision to forgo a Kindle Fire in lieu of a new sewing machine. (I still really want a Kindle Fire, in case lovely folks at Amazon are reading this) Our home is quite small though and while our basement remains unfinished, I decided I really needed to create some space down there for my new, and hopefully expanding, hobby.

Last night I finally was free to get downstairs and get my little space put together. I have a desk from a coworker that I want to eventually refinish, but it’s good for now. I set up my machine, pulled in a couple storage bins, hung a picture and voila! Instant crafting nook!

There’s my pretty new sewing machine!! My apologies for all future pictures down here. I have two hanging bare bulbs as my only light source in this windowless room. Also, please ignore the folded up ping pong table and the wall studs. Although, the straight studs work well for shelves and it’s really easy to drive a picture hanging nail…maybe if I get some cute wallpaper or some paint…

On the table top:


Basket: Glue, scissors, tape, stapler, rubber bands.

Letter tray: Sewing machine manuals, crafty coupons, office tray

Office tray: pens, markers, clips, post-its, hole punch, rotary cutter, rubber band ball

Under desk storage:


Top drawer: Sewing stuff (needles, thread, bias tape, elastic, pressure feet)

Middle drawer: Crafting stuff (paint, glue gun, glue sticks, glitter, googly eyes)

Bottom drawer: Stationary

Side storage:

On top: Box of ribbons, box of scrap fabric, basket of clothes to be mended

Top drawer: scrapbook paper, felt, fabric

Bottom drawer: cutting mat, ruler, big stapler, twine. This will probably be a depository for random stuff.

So there’s my Craft Nook. It’s not much, it’s not fancy AT ALL, but it’s mine all mine and I’m pretty happy about it.


One Response to “When did it become December??”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    Pretty sweet! I have a sewing machine and absolutely nowhere to put it so it’s in the attic. Some days that makes me sad but I know I would rarely use it since I don’t have a good place for it. Congrats on the crafting space!!

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