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DIY Felt Gift Bows December 15, 2011

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These bows are such a cute addition to any gift box or even as a sweet ornament. Definitely reusable and they hold up much better than the shiny paper ones from the dollar store! I will tell you, I used this project as my inaugural sewing machine craft and, while fun, it was tedious and unnecessary to sew these. I think I’ll probably use hot glue next time. However, for the sake of honesty, I will tell you how I used my sewing machine on this project.




Rotary cutter or scissors

Sewing machine

Upholstery needle


First, start by cutting your felt into (9) 3/4 inch strips as follows:

– (3) 11 inch strips

– (3) 10 inch strips

– (2) 9 inch strips

-  (1) 3.5 inch strip



Next, you need to twist and secure each strip into a Figure Eight, making sure that both ends of the 8 are point up


Do this with all your strips, except for the smallest. Take the 3.5 inch strip and sew it into a circle.

(I really need to stop taking these photos with my phone. I’m gonna try to work on that.)

Finally, you will stack these Figure Eights on top of one another, largest on bottom and smallest on top. Be sure to stagger the direction of the loops so that you don’t have any large gaps and that it looks uniform all together.


Here I used an upholstery needle, which is curved, to sew my loops together. A regular needle should work too, but the upholstery needle is nice to get into the middle of the bow without smooshing the loops too much. This step here is definitely one I would replace with hot glue. Felt by nature isn’t great with holding thread, so if you pull too hard, it can pull right out. Not that I have any experience with that or anything…

Finished product!

And here it is on my sewing machine, like a little present to myself!


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