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Weekend Wrap-Up January 9, 2012

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This weekend the family and I mostly stayed in. Goober and Hubby both have the same cold, full of snotty noses and hacking coughs. The most annoying thing about colds when you have children is the havoc they play on your social life. As a single adult, once you get past feeling cruddy and you’re left feeling reasonably well, minus the red nose and an occasional hack, you know how to navigate public places. Don’t shake hands or share beverages, maintain personal space, wash hands frequently, avoid quiet events (theaters, libraries.) You spend most of your time with other adults who can see and understand that they should keep their distance from you and your life goes on as usual. Life with kids is an entirely different can of worms. As you spend most of your social outings with other people who have children, when your child has a cold, consider yourself exiled. You bring with you a two and half foot tall bundle of microbial germs who has no concept of personal space or hygiene. You are now a parent’s worst nightmare- a tangible representation of unpaid time off, sky high co-pays, cabin fever, and incessant whining. Even your best friend will hang-up on you if you suggest bringing your rhinovirus infected offspring to a play date. The catch-22 is that your kid feels GREAT, WHEEEE! They want to go OUTSIDE, play with FRIENDS, and generally spread their joie du vie everywhere they can. So what if they slime it up a little, they’re fine MOM! They don’t think that extra naps and couch time are good idea, no thank you.

So that’s what our weekend revolved around. We missed two birthday parties in order to keep our friendships intact. The weather was nice though, so we still went out and did stuff. We hit two playgrounds on Saturday and did a little sidewalk chalk on Sunday, as well as a lot of playing inside.

Turtle Park Big slide

The Hubby and I finally(!) took down the Christmas tree and decor last night. We rented a Redbox after Goober went to bed and I went through my Christmas tubs while watching that, weeding out decorations I don’t really like or use to donate to Goodwill. The Goodwill bags are in the garage and all the Christmas paraphernalia is properly packed and stored for the next 11 months. It’s a relief to have it out of my hair and have my regular house back. Now I get to start thinking about how to rearrange our living room, since our television went downstairs with the basement makeover. I’m not sure if it should be a playroom, a reading room, or some kind of conglomeration of the two. Have any of you taken the TV out of a main living space? How do you use that space now?


One Response to “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. mytimeathome Says:

    I completely understand. We have missed so many social events because of baby J. Granted, we probably wouldn’t know about these social events if it wasn’t for having baby J and meeting other new parents. I can’t help but feel as if we are missing out even though I know it’s better for everyone if we keep our sick baby (who usually doesn’t act sick!) at home.

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