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Week 3 March 9, 2012

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Whew, what a week, amiright?? Can we pause right here to give thanks that it is Friday and everyone in my house is healthy. HEALTHY!!! Thank you Lysol Jesus!! Just for that, I might make an effort to not eat meat today. I win at Lent.

Moving on…

After last week’s disappointment, I was a little nervous to get on the scale. I thought perhaps my two days without real food might help me out, but there was also the possibility that it shut my metabolism down and screwed me royally. Getting on the scale this morning, I was pleasantly surprised:

Week 2 starting weight: 225.6

Week 3 starting weight: 219.9

Week 3 progress: Down 5.7lbs!

Overall progress: Down 14.4lbs!

Conclusion: HELL YEAH! I will more than take it and it definitely makes up for last weeks slap in the face. Other than the two days of saltines, I didn’t really do anything different. I actually used my weekly bonus points on some fine trivia night junk food (doing it again this weekend too!). Still haven’t exercised. I’ve noticed my pants feel a little looser. Not ready to go shopping or anything, but not so much muffin top. Also my energy is still running high (when I’m not sick in bed.) I even scrubbed my house last weekend. Impressed? I am.

Also, Weight Watchers has you set small goals to aim for and this week I sped past my initial goal of 5% of my initial body weight (222.5). My next goal is 10% of my body weight (210.8), which is documented to make significant improvements in a person’s overall health. At only 9 pounds away, I’m confident that I’ll reach that before too long. 

Outlook for the next week: Pretty good. I am feeling good that even though I may not have as big a loss, I can recover from it like I did this past week. I’m excited about some nice weather we have coming. That, combined with the time change this weekend, will give me an opportunity to get outside with Goober and get some old fashioned exercise, also known as PLAY. It’s going to be good.


One Response to “Week 3”

  1. Momma Says:

    Sweet!! That’s a huge loss Mary! Congrats baby, keep up the good work. Love you!

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