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Easter Recap and a Belated Week 7 Update April 9, 2012

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Happy Monday! Did you have a nice Easter? Ours was pretty good. We’ve actually been celebrating for over a week. With 3 sets of grandparents vying for our attention, holidays take some maneuvering to run smoothly. We’ve tried fitting all three in one day before and it’s a total clusteryouknowwhat. This year we decided that we would have brunch with Hubby’s family on Easter morning and celebrate with my mom’s family on Easter afternoon/evening, leaving a nice gap in the middle for a good nap. Very important! That left my dad’s family without an Easter spot, so we celebrated with them last Sunday. It worked out really well. We never felt rushed or over-travelled. Goober got to spread his sugar high out a bit.

This year was so different than last year. He really got into the egg hunts and had no problem finding eggs that were not always in plain site. He has learned what candy tastes like and gets super excited to find jelly beans or chocolate eggs in the plastic eggs. I actually did not expect him to get the Easter Bunny concept for at least another year, but we still reminded him that the bunny was going to come and leave him a basket and hide some eggs. I was pleasantly surprised Sunday morning when I awoke to not the usual “Mommy!” cries, but the sound of my son jumping in his crib, yelling “ BUNNY COME, THE BUNNY COME!” and as soon as we put him down, he ran out of his room looking for his basket. So stinking cute. One unfortunate side effect of “understanding” is that he was a little spoiled yesterday. He got a LOT of baskets over the course of the day, he wouldn’t eat any real food at all, knowing that there was chocolate and jellybeans everywhere, and the request for jellybeans has yet to cease. Apparently moderation is a concept a little out of his reach. Then again, he’s not the only one.

Which leads us to Part 2 of this post, my Week 7 Recap. Please recall my last recap, where I confessed to falling off the wagon and it showed. Well, jumping back onto the wagon is always easier said than done. I was still not eating perfectly, but I did get back on board with tracking, at least during the work week. I tried to make better choices, but I frequently gave myself a pass as it was a busy and crazy week. However bad I was though, I held myself accountable by tracking everything. I also started walking with a coworker during our lunch break a couple times a week. I was pretty sure that my Friday morning weigh in would hurt, but I was willing to take responsibility for my eating and hopefully get back on track. I was in for a shock.

Week 7 starting weight: 218.6

Week 7 ending weight: 214.2

Week 7 progress: Down 4.4 pounds!

Overall progress: Down 20.1 pounds!

Conclusion: Pardon my language, but HOLY SHITBALLS! I have no idea how that happened. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? All I can come up with is that the overall changes I made over the past 7 weeks have maybe helped out my metabolism? Perhaps it was an Easter miracle? I don’t know what it was, but it was AWESOME. I even got on my scale twice to double check. Whatever, I will take it and I will be THRILLED. For the record, I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m just over 3 pounds away from my 10% goal and I’m about 6 pounds away from my lowest breastfeeding weight (oh breastfeeding metabolism, how I miss thee!) I am so happy to see that number fall, I am actually even more committed to this program than I was a week ago. I’m anxious to finish my class so that I can use my Zumba Groupon that’s waiting for me. I’m working up the motivation to start using my Wii Active exercise stuff again. I brought a salad to work again! This week was just what I needed. Like Dorie says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”