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A Feminist Issue September 1, 2011

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BlogHer has posted videos of their Voices of the Year community keynote, from the 2011 BlogHer Conference. I was so happy that they did this. I’ve never been to a BlogHer conference, but I’ve seen sporadic YouTube clips from the community keynote from the last several years and the readings never fail to move me.

As I’ve been working my way through these videos, one that really spoke to me was a video created by Annie of PhD in Parenting entitled Covering Up is a Feminist Issue. As a former breastfeeding parent, I felt very strongly about my right to feed my son and my right to do that wherever necessary. When it came to how much skin I exposed, I usually wore a cover up outside of the house, but that was because I preferred not to flash my stretch marked, over inflated chest to the world. Also, Goober was a very distractable eater, so the cover up helped him keep his focus. I didn’t cover up because I thought there was something wrong with breastfeeding. I didn’t cover up because I thought my breasts were dirty or inappropriate. If I forgot my cover up, that never stopped me from feeding my hungry little guy, and I was lucky enough to never receive any flak from a nosy public. My choice to cover myself up was just that, my choice. The idea that women are encouraged to hide themselves or go away in order to feed their child is preposterous. This is why I like this video so much. Thanks Annie.


Life at 1 June 23, 2011

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Two weeks ago my baby turned 1.

It is still unfathomable to me how big he’s gotten. It’s almost like he knows too, that he passed some sort of milestone. In the past two weeks he started standing on his own, then walking on his own (!!!), he’s started babbling/talking, he plays much more independently. We’ve also transitioned to real milk and weened off the bottle & breast, leaving us a sippy cup only family! In two weeks time, I’ve gone from being the mother of a baby to the mother of a toddler. While I mourn the departing babyhood, I’m excited to get to know this new boy.

He’s funny, he laughs a lot. He is curious, he picks up everything and anything and tries to figure it out. He is kind, he loves sharing his food and toys and everything with his family. He’s a ham- if you laugh at something he does, he’ll continue to do it over and over and OVER again, just to keep making you laugh. He’s stubborn! We’ve ventured into the world of temper tantrums, of completely losing his shit if he doesn’t get what he wants.

I also have to think about setting better examples, such as NOT LAUGHING when he does something he’s not supposed to do, even if it’s cute and sort of funny, such as feeding his food to the dog or touching things he’s not supposed to touch and knows it. It’s really hard when he goes for the DVD player or TV buttons, and he looks at me with that impish grin that says “look at what I’m about to do…I know better, but I’m going to do it anyway and I’m looking to see what you’re going to do about it…!” I want to burst out laughing because he’s just such a cute little shit, but YOU CAN’T! MUST.NOT.ENCOURAGE.BAD.BEHAVIOR! And then, of course, I have to scold my parents, who are notorious for laughing at things just like this. I haven’t figured out if they’re laughing because he’s just so cute about it or if they’re laughing because they’ve been waiting almost 30 years to see this stuff come full circle. KHARMA- SHE’S QUITE A BITCH! Probably both.

Also, the week he turned one, we started taking him to a new baby-sitter. We had some issues with our previous one and I really wanted to move him to someone with more experience and structure. We found a fabulous lady and I’m so so happy with his new placement, but it was a definite transition, filled with separation anxiety and new routines. Hopefully we won’t be making another move for a long time.

So that’s what life with a one year old is looking like these days. I think I like it!


A Post About Breastmilk (thought I’d warn you) May 17, 2011

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I always heard that breastfeeding was such a great thing, that it gives kids SO MANY more antibodies, helps them fight disease and pestilence and all that stuff. I nursed exclusively for the first 8 months of Goober’s life, until the thought of pumping one more bottle made me want to throw up. Since then, we maintained two nursings a day, until about a week ago when we dropped to just one, in the morning. (If I can avoid the whole measuring and mixing formula at the crack of dawn, I will. Being able to pass back out for an extra 10 minutes while he eats is PURE GOLD.)
I love nursing and all of the bonding, yadda yadda yadda, but I’m calling BULLSHIT on the whole antibody argument.
I have the sickest kid I know, in the generic, non-life-threatening, blessed to be stuck with the endless cycle of colds and diarrhea, kind of way. All of that aside (thank you Lord for my healthy-in-all-the-important-ways child), it is really frustrating to have to pay at least one day a week for daycare that my son isn’t using because he has one of the following reoccurring ailments: Runny nose, diarrhea, mystery 100.1 degree fever, random cough that kinda sounds croupy but isn’t. Seriously, Breastmilk, WTF?? I appreciate you saving me $30 a week, but COME ON! Live up to your reputation for Pete’s sake. I did my part, I supplied you with a ridiculous amount of calories, I dutifully pumped 3x/day when I went back to work, I wore those annoying breast pads that never stay put and always fall out at extremely inconvenient moments. I will wear the stretchmarks and the saggyness for the rest of my days (or until I can afford a boob job), and in return all I ask for is that you supply my kid with a little immunity! Is that too much to ask??!!