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Friday Bullets August 26, 2011

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I got this idea from Rhi and I love it because it allows me to think in short spurts, which is generally how my brain works.

  • Last night we had our 14 month visit from our Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers. Not only did Goober do all of the things that he was supposed to do for the 12 to 14 month checklist, but he can already do 90% of the items on the 14 to 24 month checklist. I interpret this to mean that my son is as smart as any two year old and perhaps the next Doogie Howser.

  • I made fried rice last night from a recipe online that called for Oyster Sauce, which I happened to have but never used. Fast forward 1 hour, when Goober and I were coming inside from playing in the yard and I noticed my house had a weird smell. A weird smell that I had noticed in other people’s homes when I was a kid. I always thought those folks just smelled weird. Apparently it never occurred to me that it was something they were cooking with frequently! Feeling sheepish about that.

  • This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing (LOUDLY), only to realize that it was 7:15. I usually leave the house at 7:15. Whoops.

  • Do you ever drive by someone in their car who is singing at the top of their lungs, like they wrote that song or something? Yeah, that’s me.

  • I need coffee.

  • Only 3 more weeks until my feet are on the beach. I’m still waiting on your tips for making a 30 hour round trip in the car with a toddler. Let’s get on that people!

  • This morning, Hubby has an appointment with a new sleep specialist. Hubby has sleep apnea and is supposed to wear a mask at night to help him breathe. Supposed to is the key phrase here. As in, he doesn’t. He hates the mask, so he’s heading to the sleep specialist to hopefully find some alternate treatment for his sleep apnea. I really hope they can help, as his snoring does not help me sleep.

  • Cheryl is coming into town this weekend! I’m hoping we can juggle our schedules enough to see each other and hopefully let the boys play. It’s really hard when they’re here less than 48 hours, and I know they try to fit everyone in, which has to be more exhausting. If we miss each other this trip, it’ll be okay. I told her I was getting a little spoiled, seeing so much of her lately.

  • According to Hubby, Goober has started riding the dog while she lays on the floor. Like a pony. He claims this has happened several days in a row, but since he has yet to produce photographic evidence, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Happy Friday everybody!


Saturday Sentiment August 13, 2011

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"When's Mommy coming home??"


Saturday Sentiment August 6, 2011

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Saturdays are for sharing