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Two weeks January 23, 2012

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Is it possible I haven’t written in two weeks? That’s just sad. January has gone by so flipping fast, it’s making my head spin and I feel like I’m losing track of everything, this blog included. I have such grandiose ideas for things to do, to make, to craft and then all of a sudden weeks or even months have gone by without any progress on my goals, my to-do list, or even my good intentions. I should really work on that.

To get back into the swing of things, here’s some bullets of random stuff. Because transitions are hard.

  • Goober is talking so much my head is exploding. Hubby and I are astounded daily by the things he says. Particularly by the regular use of things that sound like full sentences. This is extra difficult because he still talks a lot in Toddler Babble, but sometimes he will sound so close to the real words that we’re left wondering if he’s saying a full grammatical sentence or if we just need our ears checked. I mean, he’s 19 months old. 19 month olds don’t speak in grammatically correct sentences. They should be working on two word pairings at best. So when we hear “ Iwanmy BLANKIE,” we’re not sure if we’re hearing a sped up toddler version of “I Want My Blankie” or if it’s really “Babble Babble Babble Blankie!” So I’m having an internal battle between my Practical Educated in Child Development self [“19 month olds don’t use sentences. It just sort of SOUNDS like a sentence. He must be mimicing speech, but with babble”] and my Obnoxious Parent self [“My baby is a GENIUS, somebody call MENSA!”]
  • While I haven’t gotten too far on that to-do list, Hubby and I have started doing a little walking in the evening on the treadmill. We moved it in front of the tv in the basement and we watch our show (Burn Notice) on Netflix while we take turns walking. I’m hoping to build my endurance up a little more before I attempt another round of Couch to 5K (Some day, damn it!) Currently I’m speed walking at a 4.0 for about 30 minutes. If anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid shin splints, I’d love to hear them. It seems to be unavoidable, even when I’m not running. Grrr.
  • Speaking of working out, now that we did our basement revamp, I’d like to break my long ignored Wii system back out and start using this program again. Once upon a time, that thing kicked my ass and I’m in significantly worse shape now, so I’m guessing it’ll kick it harder. I’m thinking about getting a Zumba program also for Wii, but I’d like some reviews first. Does anyone have anything like that that you love or that worked for you. I’d prefer something Wii over just a video. I need the interaction and feedback.
  • In keeping with #20 on my To-Do List, (Be a better housekeeper), Hubby and I tackled some long neglected things yesterday, including our bedroom (our typical reaction to our own messiness is to just shut the door), scrubbing out the refrigerator (disgusting), and using the self clean feature on the oven for the first time (shameful). My kitchen feels so luxurious now!
  • I’m considering trying to convert my BumGenius cloth diapers from velcro to snaps myself. I found this set of pliers and snaps and this tutorial and now I just have to take the leap. I need to do it, my velcro either needs to be replaced or converted, and it just seems silly to do another round of velcro when I know it’ll wear out in a year. I’d love it if someone could tell me about their own experience with converting!

So that’s what I got. Hope everyone had a good weekend and that everyone has a great week!