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Saturday Sentiment- Halloween Edition October 31, 2011

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I know it’s not Saturday, but sometimes Saturday gets away from you.

Halloween 2011, Nemo

Halloween 2010, Giraffe

Happy Halloween everyone!


Friday Ramblings October 28, 2011

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  • In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda a Cardinals fan. It’s in my blood. So please pardon any typos or random directions this post takes, as I stayed up WAY to late last night watching the BEST. GAME. EVER.
  • I’ve been a little MIA this week, sorry about that. In my defense, it wasn’t my fault. It’s Holly’s fault. Well, her and about a thousand other people who’ve mentioned Downton Abbey in the last few months. Holly’s post was just the final straw that caused me to break down and watch back episodes of this show online. A show so good that I stayed up past midnight on both Monday and Tuesday watching them, rendering me useless during the day. Kind of like today.
  • If you currently are concerned that your toddler is a sociopath, please read this. Made me feel better at least.
  • This made me cry.
  • I told you I’d post all my final Halloween decor pictures. So here you go:

My living room:

My hearth room:

My front porch:

I know, I gave in to the tacky blow up decoration. In my defense, it was free and apparently when I have a kid who thinks they’re cool, I’m all about the tacky!

  • Annnnd- that’s the end of my semi-coherent thoughts. Have a good weekend!

Monday Pinning October 24, 2011

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Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? I had a lovely weekend. Saturday was my birthday, and while I’m not too thrilled about aging, I love birthdays! My husband and I don’t usually do big gifts, mostly because we’re always broke, but this year he got creative and got me two things. The first was practical, a new set of everyday drinking glasses since we’ve broken about 80% of the glasses we got for our wedding. He picked up a set of 12 pint glasses, which are much heavier and durable than our previous choices. I like them. My second gift was disguised as a box from the Gap, but was actually a small slip of paper from Sappington Shoe Repair. That little slip informed me that the 5 pairs of broken, worn down shoes I’ve been holding onto for upwards of 5 years have been FINALLY taken to the cobbler for fixing and will be returned to me this coming Friday, good as new! This is probably the best gift ever. I’ve been telling myself, and him, that I would take these shoes to the repair shop for ages. I’m notoriously hard on shoes, so I generally render them unwearable in a relatively short amount of time. As it’s usually just a heel cap or something easy like that, I don’t want to throw my cute shoes away, but I obviously kept forgetting to do something with them. Now, come Friday, I’m going to have 5 good as new pairs of shoes to wear! YAY!

Sunday I finished some Halloween projects and finally took pictures of all my Halloween crafting and decorating. So today’s Monday Pinning theme will be named after my newest Pinterest board, From Pin to Reality!

So, first, as I tutorialized here, I made the hanging ghost lights. I found these cuties at That’s What Che Said and had pinned them to make for myself.

After making another batch last night, my porch ghosts now look like this:

Yay for symmetry!

Another pin that I recreated for my own is also from Thats What Che Said. Behold, my witch hats!

For the full tutorial, check out on Cheryl’s very helpful instructions.

Next up is a Pin that I loved from Sassy Sanctuary for a darling Halloween fabric wreath. I used the same fabric that I bought for my Halloween Banner and whipped this guy up one Saturday night.

My final project I did yesterday was pinned from OhHowPosh.com and was so compelling that it inspired my big bush removal project. The inspiration?

The final re-creation?

I think it’s pretty awesome. I’m debating whether or not to add the exclamation point that is shown in the original inspiration. Any thoughts?

So that is it for my recreations of my favorite Halloween pins. I’ll be back tomorrow (or maybe the next day) with the full run down of my Halloween decor, which I think is done for the year. Whew!


Pumpkin Time October 14, 2011

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Last weekend we decided to do our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. We like Rombachs Farms out in Chesterfield, MO because of all the fun activities. They have pony rides, tractor trains, hay rides, a playground, a haunted house, a chicken coop, games, bounce houses, etc. Oh, and pumpkins. LOTS of pumpkins. They have an actual pumpkin patch with GIANT pumpkins if you want to pick your own. Otherwise, all the pumpkins are already picked, sorted by size, and priced. What I love best about Rombachs is all the photo opps. They make these big pumpkin towers with lots of cute Halloween accessories for great family photos.

Or, at least they would be great if a certain someone looked at the camera.

A little better.

The only thing I don’t like is that this place is a little pricey on their pumpkins. I mean, they’re great pumpkins, locally sourced, fairly perfect in size and shape, but I like a good size pumpkin and here they run about $4 for a Goober Head Size, $9 for a Merrsidote Head Size, and $12-$15 for a Hubby Head Size pumpkin. I generally like my porch pumpkins to be Hubby Head Sized or larger, so that’s some serious cash for something that is likely to end up smashed by neighborhood kids. So this year (after learning the hard way last year) we let Goober pick out what we called a “ceremonial pumpkin” for $4 and we will be heading to some Big Box store to purchase the rest of our pumpkin haul. But it is definitely worth the gas to get out here, pumpkins or not, just for the fun of watching Goober run around checking everything out.

merrsidotes’ Pumpkin Patch 2011 set

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Boo! October 13, 2011

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That’s what a ghost says, at least, according to Goober. So what do 10 ghosts say? Nothing, they’re fake!

This is my really poor attempt to lead into my next craft. I got this idea from Cheryl at That’s What Che Said. A couple weeks ago she made these adorable little ghost lights for her house:

Cute, right? I know, that girl is too creative. Luckily, she doesn’t mind me pinching her ideas. Copying is the strongest form of flattery, right?

I did tweak mine just a tad. I knew I wanted mine to go outside, despite my fears that any precipitation might wreck them all to hell. I’ll take my chances. Since they were going outside, I decide to make them a little bigger. I didn’t have popsicle mold or Dixie cups, but I did have some disposable cups leftover from Goober’s birthday that I could use.

This is my living room. I like to watch tv when I craft.

So instead of the 7×7 squares, mine were about 10×10 or so. I didn’t measure, that might be way off. I also used two-ply cheesecloth and a 50/50 water/glue mixture. It was pretty simple. The hardest part for me was cutting out the faces. I kinda suck at that sort of thing. Also, waiting for them to dry! I actually couldn’t wait for that and used my tacky glue to stick the faces on while my ghosts were still wet.

Please excuse the mess, I had time to either clean or craft. I chose craft. I will always choose craft.

This picture was taken at the end of Parenthood, approximately 40-45 minutes after I decided to make these tonight. Pretty quick stuff. This is when I should have said, “Alright, bedtime! I’ll finish these tomorrow!” If you understand foreshadowing, then you already know that this is not what happened. Instead, I set these aside and started working on a couple other crafts, had an argument with my husband, ate some ice cream, and continued to not clean all the way until Jimmy Fallon came on. That is when I determined that my ghosts were dry enough. I removed them from their cups, poked holes in their cute little heads and strung them up!

Everybody say hi to Sophie dog in the window!

I’d love to say that was the end, but alas, it was not. When I got home from work last night, 6 of my 10 ghosts had fallen off their bulbs. It seems that their holes were too big (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! Ba dum, ching!) Per Cheryl’s suggestion, I righted this with a little hot glue. It’s rained the past two evenings and they are still holding their form, so so far the weather doesn’t seem to effect them too much. Granted, they’re under the awning, so that helps I’m sure.

So that’s it, that’s my cool craft of the day. I’ve got two more things in my crafting line up, but then I’m going to need some ideas, so send them my way!


Crafty Crafty October 12, 2011

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Last week I posted about my desire to actually do some real live crafting and decorating for Halloween. Unlike the majority of my declarations, I actually followed through this time! For the past week I’ve been a crafting fool! Because I need to make this sudden burst of energy take me as far as I can, I’ll probably spread my little reveals out in several posts. The first craft I completed was extremely easy, although it was somewhat time consuming. However, that was my own fault, as you will see in a second. So here was my inspiration, the Fabric Banner from Craftaholics Anonymous.

The instructions call for about a million little strips of fabric. This was the time consuming part. What I didn’t do was go to Michael’s Crafts on Saturday, like I had planned to, with my 50% off coupon. If I had, then I would have purchased my new rotary cutter then, as opposed to purchasing it Monday night, after my project had completed and I was kicking myself. Don’t be like me.

Because this is my first foray into crafting, and likewise craft blogging, I didn’t take any pictures of the process. I was distracted with the project at hand, plus Linda does such a good job at mapping the whole thing out, you don’t need me to repeat it. That would be redundant. So instead, I’ll just give you a picture of my version.


Here it is from a straight on angle.

Please excuse my crappy cell phone photos.

Since I’m already showing you my mantle area, might as well give you a run down of the contents:

1.) My fancy dancy new fabric banner. I couldn’t find any thumb tacks, so it’s currently being held up with a pair of ugly old earrings. True story.

2.) The roses Hubby got me for our anniversary last week. They’re holding up pretty well.

3.) The tiny pumpkin that Goober picked out on our trip to the pumpkin patch Sunday. More to come later.

4.) Sketch of the Eiffel Tower I bought off a starving artist next to the Seine in Paris. I know, I’m so worldly!

5.) Yummy cinnamon scented pine cones purchased from Joanne Fabrics. Makes my house smell less like diapers, which is always appreciated.

6.) Ugly fireplace and fireplace front. Once I’m over the whole Halloween crafting, painting our fireplace and the cover is next on my list of to-dos!

7.) Picked up these heavy cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby for $0.99 each. Love that they were cheap, did not love that they sucked up a good 5 or more coats of black paint and they still are a little faded looking. Whatever, good enough!

So that’s my first Halloween craft, plus some extra info you probably don’t care about. Oh well, gave me a chance to play with Picnik on Flickr.

What are you making these days? Any crafts giving you a hard time? Any suggestions for de-uglifying my fireplace?


Monday Pinning October 3, 2011

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Finally- October is here! October is my favorite month for so many reasons: It’s fall and usually that means the St. Louis heat & humidity finally take a leave of absence. It’s the month I got married (October 6) and it’s the month we moved into our house (October 6, two years later). It’s the month I found out I was pregnant with Goober (October 15). It’s the month of my birth (October 22). And of course, it’s the month of Halloween!

I’ve never been much of a holiday decorator, especially for the minor holidays (i.e., other than Christmas.) It seemed a little pointless in my tiny apartments where no one ever visited. That’s not to say I don’t have friends, but rather friends and I would usually meet out somewhere, to get out of our cheap tiny apartments. I wanted to have cute holiday decorations, but those cost money, I’d have to store them, and it just didn’t seem worth it before Hubby and I had a house.

When we bought our house, I was completely planning on decorating for all the holidays. We moved into our house on October 6, found out we were pregnant just over a week later, and I was freshly zapped out of energy by the time Halloween 2009 rolled around. In 2010, I got a couple Halloween decorations out inside my house, but it was nothing special. It was around the time Goober stopped sleeping again, and I was just trying to survive. Also, I discovered after I dropped mucho $$$ at a local pumpkin patch, that the giant box hedges in front of my porch blocked out any hope of jack-o-lanterns, my favorite Halloween decoration. BOO! This year, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Those bushes are no longer a problem (more on that later). Goober is old enough to at least notice my decor.

I’m one of those crotchety old people who shakes their fist at the retail stores when they put out holiday decorations way far in advance of the actual holiday. Christmas in October, Valentines on December 26, Halloween before Labor Day! GAH. Drives me nuts. My Pinterest home page tells me I’m in the minority here, as Halloween decor ideas have been flooding in for weeks. I’ve been carefully putting each one aside on my Halloween Pinboard, biding my time until my self-imposed October 1st deadline passed before letting myself consider decorating. Now that we’re there, I’m so ready to crack out some of these amazing, adorable Halloween decorations!

Photo courtesy of http://thatswhatchesaid.net

First up: These adorable DIY Ghost Lights from my beloved Cheryl. Made from cheesecloth and ModPodge, these little cuties seem simple enough for me to try my hand. I’d really love to hang them on my front porch, but I’m worried that they might not handle inclimate weather well. We’ll see.

I’ve said it before, I need more wreaths! I’m not ashamed to say that this wreath is just another excuse to trek over to our new Joanne Fabrics location that recently opened near our house. That place is like HEAVEN.

Image courtesy of http://bhg.com

Umm, how cute is this little guy? Answer: SO FLIPPIN’ CUTE! It’s a pumpkin, it’s a mummy, it’s a multi-tasking Halloween decoration!

Image courtesy of http://wildinkpress.com

Glitter. Pumpkins. GLITTER PUMPKINS!!! Need I say more?

Image courtesy of http://thatswhatchesaid.net

These adorable witch hats belong on my mantel ASAP. Oh, I guess that means another trip to Joanne Fabrics.. Darn!

In the edible decoration category, we have this glorious cake. With three different sets of grandparents clammering to see Goober in his costume, last year I decided that they can all come to my house and I set out a big pot of chili with all the fixins. I think this will complement that meal nicely, don’t you?

This is just a sampling of the brilliant Halloween ideas that OTHER PEOPLE have. To see more of OTHER PEOPLE’s ideas, you can check out my Halloween Pinboard.

Do you have an awesome Halloween idea? Link to it in the comments! My Halloween decorating needs all the help it can get!