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Catching Up September 12, 2012

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Like ripping off the band-aid. That is what I’m comparing to jumping back on the blogging bandwagon. Quick, a little painful, but soon a distant memory. So what if it’s been 5 months. Things haven’t changed all that much. Here’s a little rundown of what you may have missed since April:

  • Fell off the Weight Watcher’s bandwagon. Haven’t actually stepped on a scale since about April and not very eager to either. C’est la vie.
  • Took a 9 hour road trip to Atlanta. Everyone survived.
  • My baby turned two. MY BABY TURNED TWO!
  • Two has been interesting. It often lives up to the stereotype, but not always, and there are a lot of days where he’s so unbelievably awesome that I have to pinch myself a little.
  • My great aunt passed away. She was old, she was awesome, she is missed.
  • Summer came and is (hopefully) on it’s way out. It was hot.
  • We are sorta semi potty training. When Goober feels like it. Since he’s only 27 months and the Parents As Teacher program recommends waiting until 2 1/2 to ensure all the bladder nerves and control are developed, I’m not pushing it yet. I’m thinking during Christmas vacation we might try one of the 3 day methods. We’ll see.
  • Hubby is still out of work. It still stresses me the hell out.
  • For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided to put Goober in full time daycare. One day a week he stays with Hubby’s mom, one day a week he’s with my dad, and three days a week he goes to a sitter we found (we will call her J.) J is amazing and awesome and has incredible patience with Goober. He started back in May and had a pretty difficult time adjusting (a.k.a. he cried all damn day for the first few weeks.) Now’s he’s at the point where he doesn’t cry at all (mostly) when I drop him off and asks me when he gets to go next.
  • I’m in my LAST class of my Master’s program! Next semester I will take my comprehensive exams (’cause I was too lazy busy to try to study for them this semester) and then I will graduate in May. Wooohooo!
  • Did I mention I’m the parent of a TWO YEAR OLD? Insert your choice of incredulous sentiment of flying time here.


18 months December 21, 2011

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Almost two weeks late, but here it is anyway. My baby is 18 months old!

Height: 32.75 in, 70th percentile

Weight: 24lbs 6oz, 40th percentile

Words: (we’re going to have to break these into categories, there’s a lot!)

Animals: Dog, Cow, Duck, Goose, Chicken, Bird, Owl, Fish, EE (monkey), Efant (elephant), gaffe (giraffe), Lion, Hippo

Animal Sounds:Woof, Mow (meow), Moo, Quack, Honk, Bawk, Baa, Mehh (goat), Gobble Gobble, Whooo, Neigh, Roar,

People: Mommy, Dada, Gamma, Nana, PaPa, Kathy, Ree Ree (Renee), Sue, Uncle, Dave, Elmo, Baby, Ho Ho (santa),

Food: Apple, Nana (banana), Oge (orange or clementine), Pear, Pie(!), Hotdog, Pizza, Cookie, Water, Milk, Juice

Other words: Bath, Eat, Comb, Brush, Poop(!), Toilet, Light, Stairs (only for downstairs), Tree, Out, NO, Mote (remote), Puh Puh Puh (please. He makes the P sound over and over), Thanks, Nigh Nigh

Dear Goober,

Since your first birthday, you have exploded in growth and development. You started walking a week after you turned 1, and very quickly went to running and climbing. You climb beds, chairs, stools, tables, couches, bookshelves…you name it, you’ve probably tried to climb it. You can hoist yourself up using just your arms, so you’ve got pretty strong little muscles. You’re crazy smart, in all the ways that terrify us. You can figure out a problem, like getting your pacifiers from the top of the book shelf by climbing onto the rocking chair, and then balancing on the arm of the rocker to reach the shelf. Or that if you sit under a glass table top, you can push the glass up and off the table. You love lights, like really really LOVE lights. You’re obsessed with plugging and unplugging cords from outlets, a habit which gives Momma a heart attack.

Speaking of Momma, you’ve started calling me Mommy, much to my dismay, and left “Momma” behind. Around 13 months your vocabulary took off. It’s no coincidence, I’m sure, that this was the same time that your Daddy started watching you full time and you started spending a lot of time with your Daddy as well as your Grandma Pat and Grandpa Jim. First with animals and animal sounds, then with all sorts of things. You really started to learn the names of your family, and you do this thing that your Dad and I call “Roll Call”, where you randomly start listing off all the people who’s names you know. It’s adorable.

You’ve gotten taller, but haven’t gained too much weight. We can’t really tell whose family your taking after most, your features vary just enough to keep us guessing. You’ve started watching a little tv, despite my insistence that we wouldn’t expose you to it till you were 2, and you currently have a morning routine that involves you and a banana on my lap with some Sesame Street. It’s a nice routine and it’s nice to have some time with just the two of us before Daddy gets up and I go to work.

You love playing on your slide and your rocking horse. You read books and you build with blocks. You still enjoy hearing music, but not as much as you did when you were smaller. You LOVE to be outside. You love the dog and cat and accost them frequently by throwing yourself on them, an action tolerated by the dog and feared by the cat. You still hate getting your diaper or clothes changed and you make it very difficult to do. You are sleeping through the night 90% of the time, generally going to bed at 8pm and waking up around 6am. You still take a pacifier, but only for sleeping. You try to sneak it outside of sleep time, but you reluctantly give it up when I catch you. You’re in a bit of a destruction phase, you like to tear up paper books, loose paper, mail, etc. We’ve had to put away all non-board books.

You love your family. You love spending time with your grandparents and aunts. Since you spend all day with your Dad and I work, you tend to cling pretty close to me when I’m home. It makes it hard to be productive, but I don’t mind too much. You learned “No!” awhile back and you’re not afraid to use it. You’re pretty strong willed, but very sweet. You’re growing up so fast, it makes my head hurt just trying to keep up, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.




Photo credit to Kara Proehl at Bright Shot Photography


First Haircut November 30, 2011

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Last night I did something that I swore I wasn’t going to do for a very very long time. Hubby and I took the Goober for his first haircut!

[cue sobbing]

[a little more sobbing]

[hiccup] Excuse my hysterics, it’s just that I cannot get over the concepts of babies growing up and all that jazz. Beyond that though, my kid has some seriously cute curls residing on his head and I was not prepared to chop them off!

They’re seriously CUTE.

Exhibit A:

I just spent 15 minutes combing my Flickr archives to find a decent picture of my baby’s curls and have come to the conclusion that they are just unable to be properly represented in photos. However, I’m going to try to dissect this photo to show you why I just couldn’t go another day without getting his hair trimmed.

Exhibit B:

Please observe the purple areas. These are the prettiest, softest little blond curls any momma could ask for. They formed little ringlets, pin curls, and were just so sweet.

Now let’s look at Exhibit C, or as I like to call it, the Bane Of Bath Time:

See that green patch there? That is a briar patch. A tumbleweed. A rat’s nest. Right smack dab in the middle of the crown of his head is a big circle of hair unlike anything else. It’s course. It’s dry. It’s frizzy and tangle prone. It sucks. Growing out the rest of his hair meant letting that patch of frizz also grow out and it about drove me to the loony bin. Bath time meant putting conditioner in it, letting it sit and soften, combing it out WHILE THE CONDITIONER IS STILL IN, pissing off my toddler who does not like hair combing, and then rinsing it. Then he goes to sleep and it’s all to hell. If we are going anywhere where I want his hair to be good, I have to bath him THAT DAY, do the hair routine, and make sure it dries before he lays on it in the car seat. Even then it’s often a lost cause.


I was done. Praying to God that his curls came back, I made an appointment at The Hairy Elephant, a salon just for kids. They do a little First Haircut Certificate with a picture and a lock of hair attached. This preys on my First Time Parent heart and wallet and I don’t even care! I was really glad we went with them, it was a really good experience.

They have a fun waiting area

When our stylist took us back to the cutting area, Goober got to sit in a red race car chair. It had a seatbelt (like a high chair) to keep him from jumping ship. Our stylist asked us if he like Elmo or Mickey, and when we told her of his new found love of all things Elmo, she quickly popped in an Elmo’s World dvd. She asked us what we were looking for and was very conscientious of our desire not to go very short. Just take off a little mullet and a little poof and we’ll be happy! Gabe was pretty much unaware of the fact that she was holding scissors, but was annoyed with her continually grabbing his hair. I had to give the camera over to Hubby while she did her work so that I could get down to Goober’s level and keep him calm. Luckily she was very quick (except for the time it took the comb the oatmeal out of his hair. Whoops!) and it was all over in less than 10 minutes.

Before (complete with POOF):




And After:


No hair in his eyes, no mini mullet, no more all day bedhead. It’s all good up in this neighborhood.

I still may have teared up just a little, but come on, it’s my baby!


Daily Goober 9/27/11 September 27, 2011

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Yesterday I had a sneaky little attack on my emotions.

Recently Goober has been teething something fierce, mostly in his molar area. No breakthroughs, but having such hard teething in the back of his mouth has led to some false alarms of ear infection symptoms. Me being the hypochondriac that I am when it comes to my baby, I keep sending Hubby to the pediatrician with him. Yesterday I sent them off again and, once again, was told his ears are perfect, it’s just teething. Afterwards, Hubby was texting me the updates and also Goober’s stats, as they weighed and measured him. This is standard, no big deal, although he has finally hit 24lbs, bringing his weight percentiles up to the 50th% from the puny 25th% that he was at his birthday.

One final text I received read the following:

“By the way, Goober stood on the big boy scale to get weighed.”

That little line hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s just one of a million little milestones that he has and will pass in these first couple years that mark his evolution out of babyhood. For some reason though, this one caught me off guard. Sitting at my desk, my eyes welled up. I pictured my tiny baby, now not so tiny, standing up on a regular scale in the doctor’s office. That, in my mind, was the epitome of his transformation out of infancy and into childhood. He’s really no longer a baby, no matter how much I like to think of him as such.


15 Months September 9, 2011

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One and a quarter years.

Here is the 15 month break down of Goober.

  • Knows about 20 words

  • Can effectively use a fork, but appreciates help stabbing his food. Spoons are little trickier, everything tends to fall off before it reaches his mouth

  • Mobility: Walks, runs, climbs on all sorts of furniture

  • Favorite foods: Almond milk, anything with cheese, all fruit (especially whole fruits he can hold and bite himself), ice cream/froyo, peanut butter, condiments

  • Least favorite foods: most meat unless it’s covered in bbq sauce or ketchup

  • Favorite books: “Where is my house?”, “Where is my friend?”, and “Goodnight Gorilla”

  • Favorite show: n/a

  • Weight: 22.5 lbs, Height: ? taller than all his pants

  • Size: 12 – 18 months or 18 months, depending on brand

  • Hair: blonder, curly, and a little frizzy

  • Attitude: He has one! There is a little rhyme that my grandmother used to say to me by Henry Longfellow

There once was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

And when she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid

Replace the “she” for “he” and move the curl to the back of his head and you’ve got my kid right there! He’s mostly happy and sunny, he loves to dance and entertain a crowd. He’s a big laugher, lots of things make him chuckle. When he’s in a good mood, everything is sunshine and kittens and rainbows. But, oh man, when he is cranky, he is CRANKY. And he’s not BAD, like an evil demon child or anything, but if he is sick or teething or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, there is no calming this baby. He is determined to be miserable and you just better get ready to get miserable with him! Goober is also discovering free will and the right to express it, whether it be his new found word “No!”, or screaming like a banshee when he’s ready to get out of his carseat/stroller/highchair, or throwing himself in an Oscar worthy tantrum because there are no more cookies. He will be heard!

Pictures from Month 15

All my toys






Apple picking


Daily Goober September 7, 2011

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As I mentioned when I first started writing here, I’m a terrible baby book keeper. Horrible. This blog was actually meant to be a virtual baby book, a place to write down milestones and tiny daily memories, the things that I won’t remember on my own. In our fast paced, high tech world,  remembering to write down every new word that he learns is not possible. For some it is, but me, not so much. This annoys me. I want to be the woman who grabs a post-it to jot down my kid’s latest expression or new tooth or first tantrum. I’m going to want to look at those things, I’m going to want to flip through those memories someday, whether it’s because I’m old and gray and want to relive the preciousness that is these years, or because it’s two years from now and I’m trying to remember what possessed me to have a child in the first place ( I hear 3 is a bitch).

Lately I’ve noticed my posts tend to be very me-centric. I’m okay with that, it’s probably better to rattle on about myself to the great unknown than to some helpless person in the grocery checkout line. What I’m not okay with is my deviation away from my original goal: to archive Goober’s baby days, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. I want to remember how many ear infections he’s had, I want to know how he first pronounces Sophie (our dog), I want to recall the way he likes to hear the same book over and over consecutively. I want to remember how we spend his first 10 minutes awake every morning cuddling on the couch with his milk cup, just him and me.

So from here on out I’m planning to feature a semi-regular post: Daily Goober. This is where I’ll put down a new milestone, a funny anecdote, or a mild rant about my tiny little dictator. I say semi-regular to give myself a break, but every day is definitely my goal. I really hope that this will kick start my brain to hold on a little tighter to these every day miracles.


Friday Bullets August 26, 2011

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I got this idea from Rhi and I love it because it allows me to think in short spurts, which is generally how my brain works.

  • Last night we had our 14 month visit from our Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers. Not only did Goober do all of the things that he was supposed to do for the 12 to 14 month checklist, but he can already do 90% of the items on the 14 to 24 month checklist. I interpret this to mean that my son is as smart as any two year old and perhaps the next Doogie Howser.

  • I made fried rice last night from a recipe online that called for Oyster Sauce, which I happened to have but never used. Fast forward 1 hour, when Goober and I were coming inside from playing in the yard and I noticed my house had a weird smell. A weird smell that I had noticed in other people’s homes when I was a kid. I always thought those folks just smelled weird. Apparently it never occurred to me that it was something they were cooking with frequently! Feeling sheepish about that.

  • This morning I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing (LOUDLY), only to realize that it was 7:15. I usually leave the house at 7:15. Whoops.

  • Do you ever drive by someone in their car who is singing at the top of their lungs, like they wrote that song or something? Yeah, that’s me.

  • I need coffee.

  • Only 3 more weeks until my feet are on the beach. I’m still waiting on your tips for making a 30 hour round trip in the car with a toddler. Let’s get on that people!

  • This morning, Hubby has an appointment with a new sleep specialist. Hubby has sleep apnea and is supposed to wear a mask at night to help him breathe. Supposed to is the key phrase here. As in, he doesn’t. He hates the mask, so he’s heading to the sleep specialist to hopefully find some alternate treatment for his sleep apnea. I really hope they can help, as his snoring does not help me sleep.

  • Cheryl is coming into town this weekend! I’m hoping we can juggle our schedules enough to see each other and hopefully let the boys play. It’s really hard when they’re here less than 48 hours, and I know they try to fit everyone in, which has to be more exhausting. If we miss each other this trip, it’ll be okay. I told her I was getting a little spoiled, seeing so much of her lately.

  • According to Hubby, Goober has started riding the dog while she lays on the floor. Like a pony. He claims this has happened several days in a row, but since he has yet to produce photographic evidence, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Happy Friday everybody!